From the ashes - dlc


Thank you so much :slightly_smiling_face:

Saved for future reference for over-entitled persons.



The entitled backers are complaining*


Yes, thank you.

The “all” in the DLC question refered to all Backers, not to all DLCs.
Which means that there is no difference between Kickstarter and Homepage backers, they are treated equally.
Some people understood this “all” as a statement for all DLCs, but this was not meant by it and not communicated this way.


Who cares if you saved it…your banned


He’s never not involved in controversial threads and most threads written by him are locked up…if that tells you anything lol


I know I’ve stayed off the forums the last few days till I got a inbox saying he’s finally been delt with


Arena Master Unlimited Loot Exploit:

If you take a fight from the arena master, after the fight he is standing outside the entrance and makes a short walk to his chair. You can knock him out but you have to do it while he is walking or I find if you crouch right after the fight he stays still and doesn’t walk back. You can do this or you can loot him while he’s sleeping(he sleeps in the top level of the Guardhouse). Every 2 days he regenerates all items except for his Paige’s sword.

I did this at least 5 times before I got bored and his chest armor alone is worth 2.5k Groschen before the vendor lowers the price and his legs are worth somewhere around 900 Groschen.


Kicked out forever??? :star_struck:


Sadly, no…


It seems WH moderators “can’t” kick out the most irrational fanboy, despite all the issues he generates. 24h suspension? That’s candy for a troll… WH forum will keep getting worse, well done :clap:


It’s fine it’s a first offence and he will be watched if and when he returns so I for one won’t hold what he’s done in the past against him. If he comes back and acts the same way then that’s a problem. But if he comes back and acts more grown up then all good:)


I hope you’re right, but I’m very sceptical… If almost the same situation has happened between him and many other users, that’s not a coincidence but a behavioural pattern. People don’t change in a day…


Yes and plus 1000 Years….




Lovely! Finally some justice was delivered… :clap::clap::clap:

Thank you very much to all WH moderators!


I obviously missed something here. besides how Kirksty normally acts, what did he do to get a temporary ban? I am just curious and I am in no way doubting that he earned it.


Apart from generating conflicts and trolling (e.g. lying about mods as the cause of the game problems, when he’s a console user who has never used a KCD mod), he was flagging any comment he didn’t like with several accounts, and lying again saying he wasn’t doing it (unfortunately, I had some experiences…).

Overall, he wanted to impose his own will in the forum as there was not enough punishment until now…


I do not want to discuss this any further. it just isn’t worth it. Made mistakes and learned a lot.
Now let’s move on… :slight_smile:


i doubt he learned much.