From the ashes - dlc


What are you insinuating Kirksty? Prove harassment Kirksty


Are you trying yo threaten him? I thought we already had a thread about your banter and threatening to get people’s posts hidden. We can of course make a second thread about it, I’d even say I hope we do.


Yes. NO!
YES!!! NO!
YESSSS!! Nooo!

The true is:
There is no proof to get all DLC for free! Point!


Bingo. This is going to be hard for them to take


Actually, you’ve got it wrong. There’s proof that all DLC isn’t free for anyone


Shall we continue the discussion with Kirksty on the proper thread,

It is only 75 posts long, a few more won’t hurt.


Who are them?


Thing is it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. Your asking for 2 single posts on 2 extremely busy forums. As it doesn’t apply to me I’m not gonna waste my time going through hundreds of threads just to find the right one and then hundreds of posts to find the right posts. People know what was said. And the fact is why would I get from lying about it? I wasn’t a backer so it doesn’t affect me


That was a fun filled thread lol


It seems you’re new to the internet and to game development, her creators and the things they do!



When people stop complaining about DLC not being free to backers, then no proof is needed. Quite a simple concept that some people here are really struggling with. Maybe english isnt their native language. Or just because they have a vendetta.


No proof is needed because if you don’t pay you don’t play


This is really hard for you.

Backers are complaining they arent getting all DLC for free.

I don’t know how this could be any clearer.


I’d say, leave it to the flow of market. If people are upset then it doesn’t matter if WHS is right or wrong. As long as the costumers think they miss something they should have, if they feel cheated, then it is obvious what happens. If the next DLC’s will just be as big of a faillure like the one who got then obviously even less people will play the game. One thing is for sure, dissappointed costumers won’t help with the company reputation. Being right is not important, it is important what the costumers feel.


Forum intervention/clarification would’ve already happened if there were concern. There isn’t. So doesn’t matter.


It does seem wh are not bother about what’s being said on there own forums.


Okay, this is my final oppinion. Warhorse should give everything free to backers, and refund everyone who alredy bought something. Furthermore they should by obliged to develop patches, DLCs and followups for free next 20 years. Dan Vávra himself should pay 100 dollars to everyone who ever posted something on this forum. Tobi should give all his money to 100 most angry members of community, and live as homeless for next 10 years. I am sure that these acts would make world a better place.



Love this! :yum: