From the ashes - dlc




The sword I received was engraved. I think a lot of backers are starting to feel entitled about the DLCs and are forgetting what was actually promised in the Kickstarter campaign.

This doesn’t refer to some of the genuine annoyances some backers had with their physical rewards, like misisng signed posters and some other things


yea, I can’t really decide, nor do I care aside from WHS losing support. I’m happy them, as mentioned.


Right so no one can give me a source where they said all DLC would be free to backers?


It was not promised.


Thank you.

So for now I’m going by this assumption. If someone can provide evidence to the contrary then let me know.


Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you the #KingdomComeDeliverance DLC Roadmap! There are some awesome things to come! #wantKCD

For backers is the last DLC to be precise.

— Warhorse Studios (@WarhorseStudios) May 25, 2018
Steam news. "Story DLCs: From the Ashes The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon Band of Bastards A Woman’s Lot (Free for early crowdfunding supporters)

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Additions

Hardcore Mode (Free)
The Making of Kingdom Come (Free for early crowdfunding supporters)
Tournament! (Free)
Combat Academy (Free for early crowdfunding supporters)
Modding Support (Free)"


Don’t see where that states they’re giving ALL dlcs to backers. Just see a lot of bickering on that Twitter thread.

“For backers is the last dlc to be precise” doesn’t speak good English to me. Not clear what they’re offering.


Woman’s Lot,
The Making of KCD
Combat Academy are free for backers.


We posted but they were german.
Troll yourself!


Doesn’t address the point I’m afraid. Looks like savvy also feels the same way. :sunglasses:


Feel what you want, both of you. It does not change anything that has been said!
It is easy to modify all pages were it was said but not that you ever understand it.


I no we’ve never seen eye to eye but there was honestly a reddit thread about how backers would get all DLC free. There was also a comment on this forum about it as well. Now I do think these was made BEFORE the roadmap when wh was intending just to release the add ons to the game that they couldn’t get in the game before release ie a woman’s lot. These was promised to backers but couldn’t be put in game before release due to time. But what they said is what they said. All DLC free for backers


Would be nice if someone could post the evidence. The wording of what they said is VERY important.


Prove it Kirksty


The burden of proof isn’t on me.


You’re claiming importance so yeah the burden is on you


I’m not the one whining about not getting DLC for free. So no.


So you can’t prove it’s very important


You’re new to the internet, aren’t you? Wouldn’t want you to get in trouble for continually harassing my posts.