From the ashes - dlc


if you have a tavern doesn’t that earn yo money? Also, if it does or doesnt, find a tavern with a dice thrower and get that achievement. Idk about Pribyslavitz, havnt rebuilt yet…I hope it populates over time.


I have upgraded all buildings. There is more people now when I have more buildings.


Probably not super populated yet then? As for Matthew and Fritz are they locked up in another mission trying to find them jobs? I heard that some people are having problems recruiting them because they’re tied up in other missions. Maybe look into that, but it’s probably just bugged out :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I have it, found raspberry. Achievement is home.
Matthew and Fritz are probably ready for that Cuman stuff, they are clothed in armors but there was no option for me after acquiring Cuman armor. All other quests are finished.


i have confidence WH via Tobi, Rick, Christian, Jan, et al have specified expectations somewhere. that to me is the crux of the problem. somewhere. the pot of gold is somewhere

I wish there was a DLC forum posted, pinned and updated by @DrFusselpulli . the fine print, timeline and FAQs would be found there and readily visible to all WH forum visitors.


I bought it via Microsoft Store and when I tried to install it to the device, i have got a message “It looks like you don’t have any applicable device(s) linked to your Microsoft account. To install, sign in on a device with your Microsoft account.” even I have associated XBox with my account. So I logged in to my concole, went into store and installed it from the console.


It’s a good news to know that the backers doesn’t have all dlc for free… nice to know and is it a way to reward those who have supported?



It was the beginning of July.


What is disgusting? did wh promise the dlcs for all backers? if you can provide evidence they did then i’d agree with you, but its not what i’ve been lead to believe.


Reward for backers was alpha (higher tier) and beta access (lower too), strechgoals were promised if they back them so it was part of product, but DLCs they release now were not promised before, only girl playable (Theresa) and dog companion.


so yeah, they shouldn’t get the DLC’s

i bought the full game and tbh i’d be disgusted if backers got the dlcs free as well as i’d have saved quite some money. its not my fault i didnt know about the game when it was being developed.


without backers you would not have known about the game as well…from a non backer who supports them getting something for helping make it happen.


the original game is out, its an amazing game. i’d have backed that for 20 quid. but now its done we cant give away their revenue with dlcs, especially as kcd doesn’t sell as well as triple a’s and should, since it’s so damn good


I’m so sure when the road map was released there was a post from Dr. Saying DLC would be free for backers and that was all DLC…I can’t be bothered to find the post tho. There was also a reddit post where wh said DLC would be free for backers


understandable, but some people invested waaaaaaaay more than 20 anything. That’s why they had tiers, and rewards for said tiers and why people who are said tier are upset.


I wonder if the ones that got real swords are complaining?


People got real swords? All I know is I missed the opportunity to back, heard backers were entitled to DLC for free and it appears the “free DLC” they’re getting is the same free DLC everyone is getting. If they’re being rewarded for backing, cool…if not, shame on WHS.

Still love the game, always will…don’t really care one way or another so long as future games keep getting made.


yup. google it.


You mean the sword that was supposed to be engraved and wasnt? This is what people are mad about, WHS’s constant promises they don’t deliver on. If you say you’re going to do something, do it…literally everyone on the post you linked is saying they did not get what was said they would get.

Again, I like what I got because I went in with low expectations and I was blown away…I would have been mad if I backed under certain circumstances that weren’t met…

The people getting swords are bitching


then you answered my question, Thanks :slight_smile: