From the ashes - dlc


I think thats fair to be honest, and I am more than happy to keep supporting this game in DLC.


Not that it means anything, but I backed at the $1000 level and I feel a little cheated…


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You know what’s funny? The collector edition from retail release looks way better than the one from kickstarter… I kind of regret that I backed that much for what I got and will have to spend even more if I want DLC. But that’s the way it is…


Thing is they can’t just give you free dlc coz u donated a high amount. Where would you draw the line.


See idk. I didnt buy deluxe version or anything, just a normal digital copy. Mine doesnt look outstanding but it does look good when it’s performing well…lately rain is fat and some times people phases into each other or graphics take a while to load. I do have some pretty decent snaps from when it performs though. I like it overall, just like I said glad I didnt back it with thinking I was going to get something for having done so.


All the DLC released for Acts 1, 2 , and 3?

Anyone above King Tier?


I agree with you, if I were Saint Tier from Kikcstarter, I’d be a little upset DLCs aren’t free for me, but if you read through the promises in the tiers, not a single one mentions the idea of DLCs being released for free. Mind, Warhorse probably didn’t think they’d have to give a rushed version of their game with so many missing features that had to be added later in said now-planned DLCs, but irregardless, DLCs were never planned nor promised for us backers, so to think of them being free for us is, well…a bit on the, ‘‘me, me, me,’’ side of the coin.

I mean don’t get me wrong. I’d love if we, the backers, got the DLCs for free, but a majority of them are just adding in what the game should’ve already came with and those are already free. I can’t, nor don’t, speak for Warhorse, however I guess the DLCs we are paying for (From the Ashes, Sir Hans Capon, and Band of Bastards) were not planned anyways. A Woman’s Lot, however, was a stretch goal from Kickstarter, and that should be free as playing as Theresa (and having the Butcher’s Dog as a companion) were promised goals that did not make the deadline.


yeah this dlcs will come as free for us, but the point was that they said kickstarter bakers will get free dlc, saying free dlc and then just giving for free what was promissed isn´t that what I would call "bakers get free dlcs", for peoples who paid a lot its a big slap, even if originaly this game had bean released as Act 1,2 and 3.


Did u really donate $1000?


I was talking about the box, the goodies, etc. I believe the game is exactly the same for every tier, I really hope so lol.


Oh gotcha. Idk, I have complaints but overall I’ve never played a game like this. I love it


I backed into a higher tier and it was promised that “Act 1, 2, 3 are included”. Obviously, they are not. I’m annoyed.

With all the things promised which aren’t delivered as of now (even to this date although promised again) it leaves a very bitter taste. After all, I’ve drawn my conclusions to never back anything anymore, especially from WH.


Fta isn’t part of the Acts.


How is it you’re all missing the point?

The DLCs the backers will receive for free, are the DLC that contain the features that were achieved via Stretch Goals that DID NOT make it into the game on release. (i.e. Female character story, Dog Companion, Tournament Mode, etc.) Non-Backers will have to purchase those DLC.

That obviously does not include DLC that were not originally part of the Stretch Goals like a buildable town, as we see in “From the Ashes”. This is a new feature, not originally part of the stretch goals… hence something we all have to purchase if we want it.

That doesn’t change the original promise. The Stretch Goal features in later DLC will be free for backers.


Exactly. Finally a chilled response which didn’t require flinging mud at WH.


LOL yeah.

I was one of those guys who tweeted them about the Dog thing a while back and they explained it.

Made sense to me. Don’t know why so many people seem to be stumped about it.


How long is that back? three month or what?


techincally it is part of act 1, as its a DLC add on to the first game installment. The fact they were promised all acts,if they were, is silly…that’s 3 full games plus whatever DLC just for backing? I dont think they would honestly offer that


Where can I find additional NPCs for my village?
Matthew and Fritz say no to me, Kunesh disappeared after gathering in Rattay and Nicholas also denied my offer.
I have 1990G. Achievement is for 2000G. So close, but the other building just cost money, Rathaus and Church. I upgraded everything else. Can anyone help?
I have Mark, Mirka, Adam, Zach and Kornelius.