From the ashes - dlc


speaking of which, I’m kind of surprised I havn’t heard talk of a season pass type buy for this game…unless I’m dumb and missed it which is totally plausible lol


I hear their twitter is where its at for updates but that it can still be vague


Lunch time, time to get my DLC download started…


The whole dlc idea was the greatest shit ever here.
How much i still hate the polls about it! aq


I asked about a season pass and they said no tobi brought my comment up in that e3 interview


disagree. the game would’ve existed at some point without a kickstarter, the premise was so good it would be picked up by a decent software house.

I know I’m swooping in pretty damn late to reply to this, but…

Dan Vavra went around with his idea (KCD) and everyone he went to said no, it wouldn’t make money. Nobody would play a game where there isn’t fantasy elements or you’re an overpowered god, so at every turn he was refused. Finally he, in a last-ditch effort, pitched it on Kickstarter as he had one producer interested enough that he asked to see if they public would want it, and what do you know, KCD was funded $2 million, not including money from the producer (I forgot the word that’s used for people who supply money to game companies, and It’s not backers)

So no, without Kickstarter, KCD would not exist beyond Dan Vavra’s idea.


Not against your post, opinion or against yourself I only want to correct it!

Everything has been said!
“Developers have promised on Reddit that the DLCs will be free for supporters of the Kickstarter campaign. Which extensions are planned, is not yet known. The team at Warhorse Studios does not think about mod support until after the game is released, including the potential inclusion of a photo mode.” There was no distinction or anything else. And why WH still have a kickstater page?! It is over but no, now it must be changed for some reason, it will be rescheduled without announcements to spit on all backers. Welcome to Agony shit! For me it is only “abuse of trust”.

And like @HalfOrcSteve wrote,

rex, familia et ultio
(And if the ultio is against someone @Hellboy, you can maybe wrote the reason to your facebook, twitter or similiar favourite social medias)


Seeing all the posts above, I wonder how much you gave them to be that upset about the DLC not being free. Also, did you ever asked them directly instead of posting messages here?


Ehm… this is WH forum, not Reddit. Ergo, my take


Not about the DLC, so you didnt read the posts above where i wrote,
“I was from the whole beginning against the god damn dlc’s”


I found the only 3 bad reviews on Steam in Chinese. It does not make sense in Slovak or English. Can anyone translate, please?
汉化几乎没有 我可以去学 去慢慢听
但是选项白格 让我自己都不知道自己在选什么,有什么可选的
“醉了 字幕缺失 啥也看不懂 怎么玩?麻烦收钱的时候认真一点好不?等了那么久如此草率????必须差评”


my Game is frozen when trying to load savegame & enjoy this mod. it’s not stated if you are forced to play from the start, in the middle or at the end game, to play this mod? my PC is fine & so is the graphics. so it must be another buggy mess, that needs patching out. and at the moment do not wanna start from the beginning, to play a DLC.


I think it is half right in english

Very disappointing, I have always wanted this game, even if the optimization is poor
But what is the situation with this new dlc? (He not understands the reason of new dlc or how he can reach that point)
There is almost no Chinese (translation, i guess),
I can go to school listen slowly. (learn reading the game, i guess),
But the option white box makes me not know what I am choosing, what is optional? (inventory, infos, hints and such things)
This is my first bad review of steam,
I hope the official can fix it as soon as possible." (Hopes WH will add the language self and not by mod)


So they do not have translation to this DLC


EDIT: I have investigated the localization folder
Chinese, Czech. English, German, French, Italian, Polish, Spainish, Turkish
Audio: (My installed ones, automatically by steam)
English, German, French

So it seems he has maybe a problem with chinese language


New bug? I’m in the epilogue and I can’t find Divish to start the dlc lol.


I also had troubles to locate nobles after finishing game. I only found Robard. Others are probably in the upper castle of Rattay.


Go to talmburg sleep…he will be either in his room eating or praying


At same place (Epilogue), he was in inner bailey


Hey got a minute back an 3,6 mb update, it was the chinese language file! That is good WH! :sunny: A+