From the ashes - dlc


The private investor decided to continue investing money because of the success of Kickstarter campaign. It’s was a deadline/turning point: either success or it’s over. As always, you’re talking without knowing anything… Ignorance is so daring… :drooling_face:

Sorry for the backers, must hurt… Didn’t back due to my previous intern condition, but I would have gladly backed this game and could feel fooled at the moment…


Just to clarify. Even if they did say ´´you get DLCs´´. They keep their word, as they never said you get all DLCs. DLCs is multiple indeed, but does not say how many DLCs you get, simply says you get more as 1, which is confirmed already. I personally support WH, just because you gave money, doesn´t mean they need to pay ridiculous rent. If you are on the other side of the river, and have to pay 20% rent, you will turn socialist very fast and demand equality. Better show good behavior and act to WH as you would like to be acted to in simular situation. Fussel wrote that it will be free to all backers, all refers to people, not DLC


a patch is not dlc, you are a troll…and you’re not a particularly good one either.


the issue is this mixed with saying things like “Backers get Hardcore DLC free!”…yea, well everyone does so though that statement is not untrue, it is a pile of crap that that be lumped into the DLCs that backers were to get special that average joe was paying for


You can’t call him a lazy search function user, he’s constantly using the search function to find old posts that mean nothing that he can comment on to up his post count.

Anyway I remember the Kickstarter and didn’t back it. But free DLC was mentioned. The fact the game isn’t what was promised in the campaign and that it’s no longer in parts means the backers have been royally screwed! Patches are not DLC. I’ve said for weeks now about them not releasing a price and this is one of the reasons they didn’t want to let you know you have to pay as a backer. I’ve said for weeks they’ve not been forthcoming with the information like they should have been!

But what do i know I just keep getting told to chill out and relax…Not like I spent money on promises there not fulfilling


in retrospect, you can still write or say words to a sentence. icon_rolleyes For me that are typical methods of traitors and liars.
Oh and believe me, I hate to say such things to my glorious Warhorse Studio


On IGN they said all dlcs and on reddit the question was if bakers have to pay for future dlc`s and if they have some plans on it, they said plans after release and dlc´s will be free for kickstarter bakers.

and look what is free for bakers in real? making off was a kickstarter pledge, the other 2 okay nice, but where is the content they didn´t added to the promissed game? thats why they said we get it for free that was the point and because the release was an disaster after beeing more then 6 months on beta.


You’re wrong. We backed the original game and all of the Kickstarter stretch goals, which include the documentary, a playable female character, etc. —the latter will be featured in “A Woman’s Lot,” which is why it’s free for backers. We didn’t back the other DLC, and I’m more than happy to pay for that additional content. We’re not entitled to it


you know that you didn´t baked the full game you bakes Act 1 and maybe 2. And yes please read what I said, if they didn´t had said dlc`s will be free for bakers I wold not complain.


Don’t get me wrong here, A. I did no back the game and B. I really enjoy this game and don’t mind spending for DLCs…

Under the impressions I’ve made based of being on this board since pre release and seeing what I’ve seen said by people who say they are backers this is what I’ve come to; I’m happy to accept new information proving I’m wrong because that would only mean WH is standing up to their promises.


Also backed for a dog companion 3 parts of the game and they have stated in many posts all future DLC would be free for backers…But I’m not a backer…So that’s none of my business


I just want an overall positive relationship between WH and the public to make further games possible and not so obscure/small fan base that they only end up on PC.

Console gamers can be really hard work with and I feel 99.9% of the people who have quit or are about to quit on WH are console gamers…I’m just not interested in getting a PC lol



There not communicating things


I dont know exactly how much money was necessary to get your badge (the only thing i know is, it wasnt cheap) but that is easy for someone who has so much money. Pay and be lucky! (without words, and such a post from a emperor)


Exactly. Just because they are acting entitled doesn’t make me a troll. “You get dlc for backing” doesn’t mean every Dlc so…


Thank you so much.

You’ll get called a troll but at least u spoke the truth.


when you say things like “they issued patches and didn’t charge you” kinda makes you a troll…any company who charges for a patch to make their initial product playable as intended it’s out of their mind.


And now you can say that you’re normally a Season Pass buyer, right?


a sure way to lose customer support


Long story short - not enough clarity in communication from WH during the post release period