From the ashes - dlc


You don´t get it? THIS was not a Preorder, this was a kickstarter game that only exist because kickstarter supported them and if they say on reddit baker will get dlc`s for free and now they charge us, that is a scam or in your opinion cheating us.


disagree. the game would’ve existed at some point without a kickstarter, the premise was so good it would be picked up by a decent software house.


Ha Ha… yeah you know it since 2018 bj


I would say, most people only have a house just because the banker lend the money. All this is, is a bank made out of many little banks. Yet, I don´t see many people praising banks and giving them flowers or such. A backer is really a small banker who gives out money as a loan and then gets his money back with interest. The DLC is the interest and the game the debt.


great post fritz


You’re wrong though, that was part of the deal as described to plenty of backers. Its crazy to think that the promise of any reward for backing the game would come in the original game. Then to go on and say “Oh, backers get [insert reward here] free!” and have the reward be voiced as hardcore mode, which everyone gets for free so why mention it? Or for said reward to be a video or something that is not worth it? The deal was back us and the more you back the more you get for free later, and that has yet to be the case…or so it seems


that being said, I understand that backing a company should be becaue you like the company, not because you’ll maybe get some free shit…I’m just saying dont say one thing and then do another, or try to disguise stuff everyone gets as rewards for specific people.


they released about a gazillion patches for this game for literally no cash, so surely that counts. you can’t have everything for free

£7.99 is peanuts


You really thinking that three more hairstyles are a hard work! icon_laughing

Than play it and spare us with your false informations and doctrine


correct, but if they say you get as baker all dlcs for free and then charging us, is like not paying for your rent. dont get me wrong, i like this game and i would buy and support them with dlcs but not after they lied to us baker, if they had said from beginning, we have to pay for content all would be good. but 5 months ago saying all bakers get free dlc`s then changing there opinion and charging peoples because they maybe didn´t sold the game that much after all the bugs and bad performance, isn´t correct.


they’ve given you free dlcs with the patches, this is new content so surely its only fair you pay for it




not sure what your laughing for exactly, your the one whos angry you have to pay. when can i laugh? :grinning:


Are you 100% sure they said ´´you get dlcs´´ and not ´´you get **A DLC**´´?
A dlc, if it would be small, would be at least 10 euro on a 60 dollar game, 10 bucks/60 bucks = 16.6% interest. Most bankers only get 5% interest. Your interest is royal.



exactly man


See I didnt back it but I’m leaning towards what you’re saying. I would like to think WH wont shaft the backers but so far it seems there customer support is up and down. Idk, still love the game though and eagerly awaiting all DLC and further releases

I’m just happy I didnt back it; ;originally I was upset I couldnt back it when I found out that was a thing and now I’m like “eh”


Please troll in another forum, and stop it. I don´t like to start offending you but if you keep playing dump I can´t close my mouth longer. You are saying that you are from england and can´t even understand english? or are you so lazy that you prefer to keep trolling then clicking on a link and read what warehorse said?


Ha Ha… god really as i said before and in other threads. I will not buy it but it’s about the principle here! You know nothing from me. But how could you 2018 users! Lazy search function users!


“Come on bro, they didnt charge you for all the fixes they needed to implement to make their game playable as intended at release, I dont know why you’re freaking out”

/\ that’s you, that’s what you sound like.


Warhorse Studios
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5 months ago

No, unfortuantely we will not have a tournament mode, sorry. We will have DLCs, which will be free for all of our backers.

They don´t say “all” but he say “we will have” and “be free for our bakers” what means in my ears and eyes that all are free else he had wrote some or most?