From the ashes - dlc


Hardcore mode was free for everyone though?


It is now available on North American PSN Network!!!


So is it correct, that backers need to buy this DLC?
And Hardcore Mod and Modding Support is free for everyone isn`t that so? Also a lot of things where missing on the released game, thats why backers get this things for free. Don´t know if Ashes was one of the promissed things but for example the making of is still waiting, at least i never got it as backer. Also all other things you added here are free for everyone, the only DLC Backers will get free is a womans lot

here a Screen with what it was said for everyone:


I’ve got it!


all i’m saying is, aside from getting more money to the company, I’m glad I didnt back it…seems you guys are getting hosed.

“Here, backers get this DLC that everyone gets free for free and you get these to videos, not even DLC, free. Thanks for backing us!”

You got hosed Davey, you got hosed


Yes it is correct!

I will not buy it but true words! :sunny:


Okay thank you.


Why would they be allowed to get it free? Your backing the original game not any additional content. Lol.


Because when this Game was released a lot of stuff was missing, they said bakers will get free content, I sadly cant finde anymore the link where they said that but it doesn´t matter. but bakers didn´t got the game for what they baked that was the thing.


Oh god really do you want to start a discussion about it?!
But it is something which you will never understand!


Yes, Hardcore Mode, Tournament & Modding support will be free for everyone, including backers :slight_smile:


I didn’t back the game but would feel cheated if i had to buy dlc but someone else didn’t. If u backed the original fair enough but you didn’t back the dlc so…


thats how I feel. I really like the game and the company but I would be upset as well. Backers literally made this happen and are getting shit on…that being said, I’m glad HC was free and FtA is only 9.99 lol


they backed the original game tho. they didn’t back the dlc. so therefore should have to pay.

if wh said “back the game and dlcs for $x” fair enough but this didn’t happen so…


Ha Ha… DLC discussion and polls were theme during backer time and without our opinions and the polls these fucking dlc shit would never exist. So i dont care about that someone feels cheated. Cheating is something else. Like the quotes under my post!


If you bake you pay normaly more then you pay on steam, so bakers should be the one who must feel cheated, also I have here a link how they said on IGN that bakers will get free dlc`s and then on a later update when they know what they will release they changed there opinion

End here the Link to Reddit where they said that:


no. to feel cheated on would be if i paid money but someone else didn’t for the same product. thats a well known saying in england.


I presume WH is not stupid and took it into account. I think the Women´s lot will be bigger as normal DLC to compensate it.


And? I’ll give a shit on it!