From the ashes is boring and way too short

I sorry to say it but, how mutch i love kingdom come and the idea behind the dlc. But this “dlc” is overpriced even for 10 bucks.

Lets start with the building. You have the option to build a rathous, church, stables or guardhouse, inn, baker or butcher and a trader. All my building was done within a hour.

Divish speaks about a expansion of land wich exicited me, but at the end options for those expasions are nowhere to be found. Furthermore the quest you get are some basic fetch quests even worse then the poaching activities.

Judging is fun the first 5 times but losses its charm quite fast especially when the judging you do has (almost) no impact.

Last but not least, the village npc are boring and just fillers, the layout of the buildings and large overgrown pieces off unused land anoy me to a new world.

90% of the special npc brought in make no change exept bonus income

Where is the 30h playtime the trailer told us? Please tell me im being dumb and missing a huge amount of content.

Because at the moment i see it that i wasted my money on a village i have no interest off visiting because thrre is nothing new or uniek exept to collect earnings wich i have no use for anyway


The point of the DLC wasn’t to make money, it was to build up a cool village. If you upgraded everything there are a couple activities to do within the town. You can play dice with your villagers, and if you got the guardhouse you can do duels against NPCs in the Combat Arena and Archery Range. It was a way for you to spend your money on something cool, and if you didn’t like it I’m sorry but personally I feel like you were only in it for spending money and not to actually build up the place to do activities. I do agree that the quests are dull, and could’ve been a lot better, but the entire DLC is not boring for me. Sorry to hear that your experience was not as exciting or engaging as mine.

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I can do all that already at other places, why would i do that in a boring inn or guardhouse if there are mutch more exicting places to do all that. Only thing thats new is that you can choice what kind of armor your opponent carries in thd combat arena.

If your happy with it thats yiur opinio anc i respect that but i dont think you can call a update that provides you with 2h play time a dlc more like a ovefpriced microtransaction.

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And it is fun to see the town build up but also frustating that its done within a few clicks.


Didn’t you mean “way too short”.

The DLC was advertised to have between 10-20 hours of content. It works well for both old and new playthroughs. I’m personally on my end-game save, and it’s been fun to watch the village slowly grow and take its new form. I had 22K groschen, so I couldn’t just rush through all the buildings —I’m taking my time with it

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It doesnt come close to 10h content not even 3h


I’m about 12-15 hours in. Not all players are going to be sitting on 150K groschen. For example, I don’t see the fun in the grind/rinse-and-repeat aspect of stealing/looting gear, so I don’t have as much money. Imagine a new playthrough after Baptism of Fire —it’s gonna take that player some time to get the coin to rebuild the village

True enough but like i said the building is the onlh thing you do. There is nothing in your town that want to make you visit it. And they could at least make some quests like a rooftop collapsed, some stone got stolen that kind of investegation quests to keep it interesting and say what you want but 6 buildings to build is not enough. They could add activities llike horse races, dice tournaments, combat and archery tournaments missions in guardhouse to kill bamdits with or without your garrison


I do agree with you there!

I cant imagine the building only takes an hour when you start a new playthrough? I just got named bailiff abd have 1.5k. I think the charm will be to see your village grow slowly.

I had quite the feeling the dlc was that long because you had to travel the map for stuff, talking to the locator - the time he needs to actually gets to move and this “we really build here” stuff takes so long.
The actual building is done very fast.

Haven’t done it yet and all these info posts are getting me real disappointed. Not what I was expecting.

Sadly I have to agree with Ainnocentgamer. This DLC is more like a free mod made by one Person.
I fought I would get some good Quest and more uniqe Items with the DLC so I would have a connection to the village and a sense of responsibility. But the DLC is more or less just some Buildings from other Villages placed in Pribyslawitz with random NPCs without dialogue and guards who yell at you. And the buildings have also some objects clipping through if you look to closely.

I didn’t even get the Guardhouse because of the lack of Bandits. So it is quite frustrating to read here that the Guardhouse gives you something to do. The Stables don’t even sell me any equipment because of some bug.
And I can’t get an Armorsmith in the village because of another bug…

I agree. Even if you don’t have too many groschen you make it quickly with the tavern revenue.

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there is potential here but it also doesnt adress the problem that after questing there is not much more to do.

Furthermore in the game quests you are relatively free to do them how you like, thanks to the new named npc’s that can travel to your villages that feature has been limited a lot 2. Realistic that someone doesnt want you as baliff if u killed there kin sure but also anoying.

Furthermore the church and rathous are underwelming. The choices who youcan recrjit are, the managmentsystem is really underwelming.

Great potential if they dicde to listen the critics else i need to hold off buying future dlc for kingdom come untill reviews.

My mum said that about my dad too!

Tobi mentioned 5-30 hours.

The most disappointing aspect for me was how pathetic your lodgings in the rathouse were, especially after they said that the impetus for this DLC was tor provide the player with a home. The basic rathouse forces you to sleep on benches and doesn’t even have a player trunk while the improved rathouse makes you share your lodgings with a bunch of random people. I get this is some out-of-the-way hamlet and you can’t expect a 5-star resort, but your house doesn’t feel comfy at all. Your tiny room in Rattay was better.

Speaking of your tiny room in Rattay, who else was disappointed that you didn’t get promoted to a proper room in the castle after the main quest was over?

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The shed in front of the Rathaus proper is in some ways as good or better than the sleeping quarters in the enhanced Rathaus