From the ashes is boring and way too short


You can sleep in tavern and it doesn’t change anything. Better sharing than being loner since Theresa and Stephanie don’t care about you being bailiff.


“if you have your own castle, there’s a room for coitus. otherwise, it’s the bathhouse or barn.” - Rattay bailiff, 01 April 1403


I was going to grab this dlc when I was back from hols, don’t know what to say after reading these, they all sound like really valid criticisms. I can definitely hold off now. Cheers for the insight.


I kind of like it, I don’t have a gazillion in my war chest, only about 3.5K so need to make it first. In skyrim I build my house up slowly, it was a nice experience, what could be done was to add companions like a wife for henry to add some life, or maybe he could bring some bath house maids LOL

In The Witcher you build and refurbish the farm, also a similar experience, so compared to those it’s not that different.


I bought the DLC from Steam the moment it got available only based on what was advertised. I don’t regret doing it because I want to fully support Warhorse Studios. KC: D was amazing and I really want more games like it. But that is the only reason. Gameplay wise I do regret getting it.
I already had the game finished with all the side quests done since a couple of months ago, plus some good hours of free roaming afterwards. You can imagine I had groschen to burn and my village from the DLC was completed in less than 2 hours. And it only took this long because I had to search the map for all the NPCs to bring. I was expecting much more stuff to do and interesting quests, but was left extremely disappointed.
This DLC would be a nice addition for about half the price, for someone that is just starting the game. But then again, you can activate this DLC only after the battle of Pribyslavitz :expressionless: not from the beginning… so it’s debatable. But under no circumstance would I recommend it to someone that already finished the game.


Yes this limitation we, as gamers, put on ourselves is where the fun comes from…

Had a housemate roleplay a diablo (original) character who drank from every fountain/touched every shrine. (Some give negative skill adjustments)

Sometimes his hands would get a lil shakey before he newtered his character with a known dodgy one… but he persevered due to ‘roleplay’

When my household purchased Hearthfire (primarily for my daughter), she had Ma’iq the Liar as a follower and he kept giving her books worth 5000 coin.
She could sell them everywhere and had plenty of coin.
Bought and built her house (complete) on day one.

GF n I spent yonks aquiring nails and building ‘bit by bit’; it was very enjoyable to do so.

For the same reason I know we will enjoy FtA implementation in KCD as it suits the way we play.

We dont have massive groshen piles, as we restart frequently due to the first part of game (when Henry is low level/unskilled) to be way more fun to roleplay…

I believe we would net many many hours from the DLC and see it as a great first DLC idea. (Which the game was always going to need).

Wondering what the full KCD investment cost will be.
Back in the days of Neo Geo carts, $400 for games was acceptable for me.
Nowadays I weigh up investment vs return.

KCD being my goto medieval walking simulator - I will clock up hundreds, if not thousands of hours…

Any DLC usable throughout that playtime is essentially good value for money.


FtA was alright but very, very limited. An option to build Henry is own house and have some control over how it looked would have been much cooler.


Totally agree. Currently at 1,100 hours and still having a blast. :+1:


Cool. Only 200 off me for the non_dlc content


I knocked out the DLC in about 2 maybe three hours. When I start the HC mode, I’m sure it’ll take a longer.


I’ll probably play hc mode in another six months. Played too much kcd after 1500hrs. It was awesome beyond words tho.


Nah, it’s just traveling and cutscenes … even in HC. The only difference is in the groschen accumulation rate… that’s not really DLC content


1500h ? your are crazy man :open_mouth:
I really enjoy HC mod, well it’s more like realistic mod. I feel more immersed and more “IN” the world of Bohemia.


No, I was just referring to how long it take me to complete the DLC while playing HC. Less Groschen = longer to complete. Generally speaking.


understood. in hardcore, i harvested +200k in loot before initiating nest of vipers


We play very very similar. :+1:t2:


No matter how you play the game, you will still have enough resources by the late time the DLC activates for it not no provide a real challenge. And if somehow you really don’t, well it’s just that. Farm for groschen, click on buildings to appear. That is it. Of course it provides some conveniences while playing, but not really any game content to make it worth. The very least I expected was for the buildings to be built in real time, not via black screen with “A few days later”. This would have provided at least the opportunity for some events to happen, when things go wrong and require your intervention while also lengthening the time you spend enjoying building your village.


I was fully expecting FTA to be this way, but then again building settlements for example in Fallout never really excited me either. This DLC makes sense mainly with a new playthrough I think. I’ll postpone buying it only after all DLCs are released and I’ll start a new game then.


I don’t understand how it would make any difference with a new play through. It’s pretty easy to get gr. Get your lock pick skill up get the perk about lockpicking while drunk and a padfoot potion and a few hours you have all the gr you need to build the village twice over. Yes in hc mode as well. In fact I say it makes less sense in a new 0lay through. As you build the village and then go the rest of the game still being treated like **** by everyone. The DLC should have been a end game feature. That way you can forgive other bailiffs and soldiers not knowing who you are plus if sir divish is trying to rebuild talmberg then it makes sense why Henry would pay to rebuild the village as all income from talmberg is rebuilding there.


There’s nothing wrong with starting it at the end of your playthrough. That’s what I did, and I had a blast with it. However, I wasn’t sitting on 100K+ groschen. Take your time with the DLC —don’t buy everything right away, and use the village’s own income to fund future projects