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Hello everyone,

some people will probably ask it over and over but I want to ask it as well :D!
When will the game be finished? I saw some gameplays and it they always end with the same battle at the church. Will te game be bigger then that? And is buying the beta worh it?

Please let me know :slight_smile:!



The beta is only a tiny part of the full game. The beta continues beyond the battle, as will the game.

They are supposedly announcing the release date in the next video, which I expect to be the end of year holiday period, which is when games sell the most.

If the game was just the beta, I really don’t think it would be worth buying. What you’re doing by buying the beta is buying the game, and also early access to a year old beta that is full of bugs and will not be updated.


Hello @bellithedude

The game will be released 2017. There is no exact release date at the moment.

The game is much bigger, maybe 5 times…
The battle at the ruinous church is somewhere in the middle of the game.

If you want support the game,… yes! :slight_smile:


Regarding your point if the BETA is worth it, if the full game was just the BETA, I would still pay about 20 euros for it. Combat especially is brilliant and I am hooked on it. Last game I had this much fun in combat was Jedi Knight 2 and that was ages ago.
The world building is also amazing and it sucks you right in.
Of course this is a pre-order and you need to decide if you want to do it or not. I am happy I did but, I can see people being annoyed at the bugs and lack of features in the BETA (because it IS most definitely a BETA and nowhere near the finished product). I believe that is due to people not knowing what a beta means nowadays thanks to the AAA industry “early access” spam.


Look at this Where can I get a refund? now im certain that they are going to announce something big


Big? The word you’re looking for is huge! All kidding aside though, they said in the last video that they would announce the release date Q1 '17 and there’s only a few weeks before Q1 ends.

The next video will be released Soon™ so it’s highly likely that will be one of things mentioned in the next video.


Thanks for the replies, all the news that I get from you guys is just amazing!


I have no clue


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