Game is too short

Completed the game in 24 hours gametime, So whens the sequel or DLC coming out? :confused:


If I remember from when I was looking that up the next act or part is supposed to come out in roughly 9 months? If anyone can verify that please do. In the meantime I guess I’d start over and try out a different build path or try making it through without using any skill perks. Look up some of the threads talking about difficulty, some people have had really interesting ideas for more challenging run-throughs that would take longer to complete the main quest line. Or just go ham following side quests good sir.


I’m at 36 hours and just delivered the key to the miller north of Rattay. Basically the beginning still.


Yeah I am 50 hours in and still not done with main story…


how about doing some of the epic side quests, i have 60 hours in it, and im still not close to being done :S ? dont rush main mission…


I just completed the main story now, after 62hours. So now time to ATLEAST double that with side missions and stuff…

I’m at 70+ hours and just started nest of vipers lmao. I’m getting my money worth don’t you worry haha.


69hrs and Im trying to not bore while being a monk, how far am I?

Around 75% - 80% done

I’m at nest of vipers, any idea how much is left?

Metalmatser. Dont worry about how much left just take brakes from the main story when you can and enjoy it.

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Oh I am lol. This game is so amazing aside from the bugs.


Im going to get into some trouble tonight. Probably steal some stuff and choke out some peasants

Clearly you’re not a big RPG player because RPG 101 is you never just run through the main story. I have like 100 hours in Fallout 4 and have completed like three missions on the main storyline. I can’t specifically speak to KCD, since I haven’t started it yet… I’m waiting for more patches before I begin. I have the game on PC and Xbox one x just waiting for the patches, which is so hard to have but not play. It will be worth it in the end.


I actualy find some of the glitches and bugs funny, there is a time when I just started flying with my horse~

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lol…skipped every Dialog and fast travel only i guess :smiley:

That’s what you get for not doing a single side quest

@kjzsbtby lol I had a twerking brown cow dropping some sick booty that cracked me up for a good while. Luckily i’ve mostly had goofy bugs, any crashes i’ve just let sit for 3 minutes and it comes back after resolving something. @CrownedEagle I get where you’re coming from i’m looking forward to the patches but it really has been fun enough to dive in and get a bit dirty with the glitches.

You should be praising KeK fasting that you were able to finish the game – without any game breaking bugs. :rofl:

Do you have a personal life btw? You’re not a troll Bot are you?

Like 70% left