Game Kills on foot against multiple opponents

The worst thing about this game, is when you get caught on foot by multiple opponents and your horse bolts,
the game kills you. Not because you failed to defend yourself, but because the game pulls you into combat,
preventing you to get some space, and when there are multiple opponents, the game just spins you from one
opponent to the other, and your stamina has drained from repeated hits during this and witin 20 seconds
your dead. It happens every single time. The combat mechanic is awesome. I love it, but the game shouldn’t
pull me into an opponent. It should be up to me to control when and how I want to fight.

This is the worst thing about this game, after the bugs and bad gesture acting.

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Well, if you fall on the ground while surrounded by multiple opponents in real life, it would end in the same way. You would catch hits from all sides without any chance to defend, and some opponents would probably grab you and hold in place. It would not matter if you want to fight or not. It is sufficient that THEY want to fight.


In cases like the one you’re describing if I want to run away I keep holding the mouse mid-button (the wheel) pressed in order to stay unlocked. And I have managed to get out many times. But if you got yourself surrounded then, yes, you are pretty much done with. But I cannot see this as unrealistic.

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I think the OP is referring to the lock system … which I must admit I really hate … however, being screwed when you do something stupid is IMHO one of the wonderful things about this game. No matter how good you get you are still Henry and not Achilles.


Well, fighting on horse could be better too. Right now it is way too uncomfortable…

But locking is important part of combat system, and it would not work without it. I would say that it quite captures the situation in one-on-one duel, where you really concentrate on one enemy and even in real life you do something similar to locking. Which is understandable, because fencing manuals were all concentrated on one-on-one duels, and game logically became too. I admit that it is more problematic when fighting multiple opponents, but I don’t know how to keep what is good about the current combat system but remove locking. I can handle its problems by using “unlocking” by shift or middle mouse button, so it is OK for me.

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Locking could have been turned on/off by pressing certain button without need to hold it - and there could be alternative combat mode for non-duel fight, when you deliberately turn off locking.

How would you choose the direction of attack in the simplified combat system? Just one slash and one stab? No feinting, no attacking the weak spot of enemy? Combat system would lose a lot there.

That’s exactly the point: it is “alternative” mode where player has no time to properly aim and think out his fencing approach, so everything quickly devolves into horrific ungraceful fight with slashing and stabbing just to buy yourself some space.

In fact I would like to see different combat style - in a way that common villager fights differently than trained noble. And, maybe more importantly, that in battle and in formation you fight in a different way than in duel. It could be answer to you mindless hacking situation too. But I have no idea how it should be done in game. Maybe Dan Vávra will have the idea and we will see it in KCD2

You can strike in untargeted mode right now, but have to hold shift for this. Not very comfortable. Basically what I suggest right now is change to how switching of targeting works - and try to see, how would it work then.

I know, but it is not enough to work as different combat style in a way that I wanted it.

I hate the combat mechanics in this game. That said, it is probably the best hand-to-hand, close quarters First Person Format combat system yet created in a computer game.
If you accept that, then you can take your first steps into a larger world . . .
Stretch Out With Your Feelings, Henry . . .

Like today. I was riding into Skallitz, when a band of 4 or 5 Cumans ran out of the woods. I pulled out my bow on my horse and from about 100 feet away turned to shoot. I was felled from my horse, got back on, they were still over 90 feet away. 3 times I was felled, and the horse was killed before any of them could get to me. I was show with an arrow, while still healhy, took all my stamina away. Right about then 5 of them jumped me, and it was spin spin spin till death. Unlock idea is nice, but it doesn’t work as you end up unlocking from one and auto locking on another.

Then there’s the Loading screen kills. At least 3 times now I’ve been killed while the game is loading after fast travelling n encountering a foe.

Then while fast travelling through Ledetchko, where I was wanted, I was stuck in super slo mo fast travel, and was being attacked, as the next thing that happened, the game told me I was unconscious. Then I was in gaol.

This is by far the biggest thing wrong with KCD in the way it fucks with the player. You have a right to be pissed, when you’re getting killed in a loading screen or in a fast travel screen.

Seriously Pissed off

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Yeah no way this game can be played without save mod unless you’re complete sadomasochist and enjoy to suffer. Ambushes can’t always be avoided and then game just decides you’re dead (especially thanks to dogs), load game 2 hours ago you saved in only save bed within 200km radius.

I love the combat mechanics off this game…but it is very difficult to engage with multiple assailants unless ur using highest equipment and best swords in the game which really makes me mad the playstyle off this game in my mind requires multiple companions and its all i want is some followers!!! Maybe fritz and Matthew would be awsome even more awsome if they bring back the bandit jack on xbox1

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I agree with u ten fold and also savor schnapps are sooo damn expensive

Yeah 150-200 coins for 1 schnapp is a bit too harsh especially when saving game is needed the most at the beginner levels when Henry is poor, weak and more fragile. Later in the game it becomes a lot easier to make money when you take down enemies and sell their stuff for big profits.

I was angry at times for this but I was helpless, especially with younger players

I generally play as a stealth archer, so if I get pulled into a melee with multiple opponents I’ve already screwed up big time.

Saviour schnapps are not hard to brew. Nettles are everywhere and belladonna somewhat less so. But if you spend some time collecting herbs around Rattay, you can trade with the apothecary for belladonna and use the alchemy station behind his store without even knowing how to read. If you find yourself strapped for coin or in need of potions it’s well worth the time.