Game needs difficulty settings

This game needs difficulty settings.
It is just stupid how difficult they made everything. The lock picking and pickpocketing are impossible for me, but what is even worse is that the fighting is so hard to do. It feels unnatural also.

I understand they tried to come close to real life, but it is still a game and it needs to be fun to play. Now, they take the fun out of it.


I second that. I can’t even get out of town alive. Managed to kill an enemy once and the game crashed. Been waiting for years and now I’m done playing on day one. Dissapointed is an understatement.


You aren’t supposed to fight while getting out of Skalitz, Henry barely know how to hold a sword. Even if you want to prevent you know what you only suppose to attract their attention for you know who to get away.


Guys, start practicing. This game requires you to learn aswell as ingame character needs to learn.
Also in the beginning you are teenager in tshirt who wields sword for the first time in his life… And you expect to go against armored battlehardened mercenary? No way.

Think what would YOU do in such situation, it really helps


You remind me of Don Quijote :smiley: I have lost my patience this morning with these bazillion threads…


I am persistent :slight_smile: this game is amazing, but it really requires bit different mindset


Yes, I will do a blind dead is dead story, because the game deserves it.

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NO WAY NEVER DIFFICULTU SETTINGS GAME IS JUST FINE!!! actually i swordfighting already and i am just rattay? after lost sword silver scalitz and you can use sword it is sword type what makes you great you must obtain great sword and enemy will flee / my character is his home and be with theresa i just try sell my overloaded carriage


idk, it isn’t very difficult at all, just an hour ago i ran into 2 bandits (one had a polearm) and beat them both in melee combat, barely took any damage. just practice, it gets easier.


Well, I practice all day already and it still sucks. Please, don’t tell me that I have to learn stuff like in real life. It is a game in wich I want to have fun. I already have a real life and yes, I rather spend a lot of time learning in that real life than in a game…
Just think they went to far with this game. I mean, what is with the grinding, or making potions. Everything is taking a effort to do and there is zero fun sharpening a blade in real life, forget about it how silly it is doing this in a game. Why not let it be one action to sharpen your sword for example?
And to return on the fighting, why not difficulty settings? For those who don’t want them, don’t use them.

I like realistic games. I loved Operation Flashpoint and now the Arma series. They managed to create realism and keep it fun doing it (yes, from the beginning, when you’re not that good yet). This game? They went to far and missed so critical people in their organisation I think.

For me, this game is a huge dissapointment and stop playing already. Give it another try next weekend, but first impression is not good!. (might get some people falling over me now, but that is alright)


Well you can skip combat all together almost all of the time :slight_smile: And it really isn´t that bad, it comes naturally, I was beating bandits left and right after few hours - getting good gear is especially important tho. And bows are just fucking overpowered when you master them, oneshotting any enemy in the game (almost)


stop cry noob and train


Really are you trying to fight when you scape of the town? The game tell you, you have tu run!!!


I agree. There needs to be a difficulty option. I’ve been playing since the second it came out and i’m loving it, but it’s extremely hard for me to do combat. (i’ve practiced for hours) pickpocketing and lockpicking are insanely hard as well. To get good at a game i usually go from easy to the hardest difficulty. The struggle with the difficulty kills the fun for me.

I agree with the difficulty settings. I like their approach with the realistic difficulty setting for immersive purposes but some players like to take it casual when playing games. Some don’t have the time to learn all the ins and outs of a game. Definitely need difficulty settings so the player may tailor the playstyle to their needs.

That being said, I’m really enjoying the game how it is in terms of difficulty. I have to admit…It’s hard AF but it makes for a great gaming experience IMO. I could definitely see myself wanting to casually play this but get tired of having to give it my all when I really just had a bad day at work and want to really relax and play something that I don’t have to put much thought into.

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I agree this game can use a difficulty choice

Don´t worry guys, the game isn´t that difficult after all, its just that your character is such a wimp in the beginning that you can´t do shit :slight_smile: But it gets better really fast, especially when you gear up :slight_smile: Gear + stats = lower difficulty


No this game absolutely does not need a difficulty slider. It being a realistic hardcore rpg was its selling point, if you failed to research it properly that’s on you.

God forbid you have to spend more than five seconds learning something.


The tutorial was not hard at all. Combats are clumsy and I dislike them so far (maybe I’ll get into the combat later…), but you can avoid them easily. It is not Call of Duty: Medieval and it is good.

Do you use controller or keyboard and mouse?
I play with keyboard and mouse and parring by pressing the Q key could be a problem since it takes a split second to switch from the key A for movement to the key Q and vice versa. So I set blocking on my fourth mouse button to avoid this.

Use every ability to train and getting better. Knowing how to read skill books is also a good thing.
And some potions can give you a nice buff.