Game of the Year


What is your Game of the Year 2016? (Please, don’t write Witcher 3: Blood and Wine.)
My is The Last Guardian.


Witcher 3 Blood and Wine… I know its just DLC, but it still has more content and inovation than most new games :slight_smile:


Nice joke.


no joke =)


Well, I guess, suum cuique.


Easy, Uncharted 4. (And since one mentioned a DLC, then I do so too with The Following…)


Hard one. I don’t think I’ll consider DLCs…

Dark Souls 3:P


For me DLC of the year is Ashes of Ariandel.


No Man´s Sky


Really, or are you trolling us? :slight_smile: I ask that as genuine question, because it was received much less enthusiastically it seems…


If DLC then Enderal.
(mod for Skyrim)


hah, just started playing it :slight_smile: To be honest, I even bought Skyrim on steam, just and only to play this mod lol :slight_smile:



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On another forum I visit (qt3) there is a GOTY thread with actual voting, so I will repost what I wrote there

Games of the year:

  1. Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - simply masterful conclusion to 18 year long saga I grew up with, best expansion ever made, better bang for buck than most AAA fullpriced games.

  2. Dishonored 2 - Work of genius, the mission design is unparalleled really. There could be entire game built around Crack in the Slab, yet here it is just one mission among many others.

  3. Dreamfall Chapters - Much more ambitious than I expected from the tiny team and budget, and a beautiful conclusion to one wonderful story. I will miss Zoe and Crow and April and Kian.

  4. Hitman - Not quite as stylish as Blood Money, and Jesper Kyd is sorely missed, but mechanically and design-wise best Hitman game to date. I love 47 and I love Hitman since 2000, so this has been a beautiful gift.

  5. Forza Horizon 3 - I wish for a bigger map more suited for cruising and exploration, but this is still one of the best car games ever made and pure love letter to my teenage me who grew up on NFS 1-5, with expansive car park that includes all my favourite classics (Testarossa, KITT, Diablo 97, Impreza WRX 2005, Italia 458) in a stunning detail and gloriously addicting car modelling and physics.

Honorable mentions, games I would give 8 or 8.5/10 and totally enjoyed this year:

Homefront: Revolution - after patches, probably better FarCry game than the last several FarCries. Wonderfully post-apocalyptic terminator-like atmosphere.

Doom - pure distilled adrenaline rush. Headphones needed.

Shadow Warrior 2 - Lo Wang and his teenage (but funny!) brand of humor is back. I would have preferred more linear structure, but I still enjoyed this a ton. Beautiful graphics and tasty gun/swordplay.

Biggest disappointments:

Inside - after all the hype, I expected much more than an extremly simplistic barely 3 hour long puzzler whose first and last 20 minutes are very very strong, but which just becomes boring in the middle, and by the end leaves me with “huh? At least it’s over”. Beautiful visual style though, not denying that.

Tom Clancy’s Division - By the numbers cover shooter with zero ambition and terrible story with some of the best graphics ever put into the game. Another one of those “glad it is over, wasn’t really worth it though”.


Biggest disappointmen is No Man’s Sky.

Please, spare me! This is only a DLC. And it is defenitely not “masterful”. Witcher fanboys are everywhere.


Of course it is masterful =) Just because it doesn´t fit your preferences, doesn´t mean that it isn´t objectively one of the best games made in last few years.


Of course it doesn’t. Bad games never fit my preferences.


Witcher 3 GOTY 2017. No doubt.

P.S. My vote for Stellaris :о)


Right… Top 20 of ALL TIME PC Games ever made by review score, and from these top 20 it has the highest user score, won almost all goty prizes ever and is massively appraised all over the world… But surely, your opinion must be the correct one :DD

Get of your high horse bruh :slight_smile:


Millions of flies can not be wrong. Where is the Doom (1993, 1994), bro?