Godbye KCD (and any other warhorse game)


Hi, I just wanted to write this post to say godbye to this game and anything related to.

This has been simply, the most frustrating and buggy game I’ve never played, never.

So, with 100 hours plaeyd, I’m going to uninstall it and forget it for a long time. (will try with a finished game)

A very frustrated and annoyed player.


Well, if you’ve never played it, I guess that you won’t ever regret it! :joy:


What can you expect? Some bug-free like W3 game from Warhorse Studios with their first game? Their budget was much tighter than the big games (skyrim, w3 etc.)… And (please correct me if I’m wrong) when they made this game with Cryengine, they weren’t very familiar with it and probably made mistakes.


Those games werent bug free on launch either, or for many moons after.

Standard rpg affair.


So you played a game for 100 hours and your complaining? How many games do you usually put a 100 hours in? Sounds like you got your money’s worth.

I guess I’m just lucky… Ive put in over 100 hours running several mods and have barely had any bugs. Skyrim on the other hand…


Well, but we can agree that w3 had less bugs than KC:D after launch.


I think its playing pretty well now. Granted it was rough early and the 1.4 patch was a disaster. However, as of 1.4.3 things are much better. At a minimum I completed the game and almost every quest in it.


Didn’t you play ArmA 1/2 ? I guess no.


It is OK to pursue things in your life that brings you happines. And it is perfectly OK to abandon those that don’t. Nevertheless, writing about it on public forum in such way as here, makes one look ridiculous, especially if many others enjoyed the thing and naturally cant comply with his experience.


Your loss, the game still has the occasional bug but it’s much better than when it launched and even then it was probably less buggy than skyrim (which, by the way, still hasn’t fixed major bugs and has left it to the mod community to fix).
I have 167 hours into it and am having a blast.


Can completely empathise with you on the irritating aspects of this game.
On the whole it seems to work better if you play with a hack and slash mentality, but still too many bits broken, inconsistent or just plain daft.


The Witcher 3 = 18 patches until they forgot the title and that fans arent good with the actual one.
But who cares? CDPR? I think not! XD
Gothic 3 = 4 patches from PB and now has 13 patches from community and they have not made it since 2007, to be exact since 04.08.2007 at 10:40 clock
KCD has now 13 patches. Oh and a side note, the fixes from the G3 community patches are not obvious.

21_260321_23_master (1.1)
21_260462_29_master (1.2)
21_260671 (1.2.1)
21_260756 (1.2.2)
21_260756 (1.2.5)
01 03_266245_71_master (1.3)
01 03_267689 (1.3.1)
01 03_267689 (1.3.3)
01 03_271048 (1.3.4)
01 04_273161 (1.4)
01 04_273161 (1.4.1)
01 04_273409_129_master (1.4.2)
01 04_274374_158_master (1.4.3)



Most of the witchers were spaced apart and also through expansions. (Kinda like bethesda)

Id not count EVERY RELEASE made by Warhorse as the same. Now they have slowed down releasing them, sure…
Guess in three months I consider it as four updates release 1.2 1.3.x 1.4.x

I am liking we are getting content readded for free.


/frustrated with bugs but plays for 100hrs


Why does it make him ridiculous to voice his dislike for something based on his experience of it? Public forums are here for that exact reason. I think the only ridiculous thing here is your statement as it is one finds, quite without merit :wink:


Simply because :

  1. Pure drama queen post
  2. Spent 100h hours playing , declaring good bye to the game and any further WH products, then write he will come back, when the game is finished (not realising the game is finished)
  3. Frustrated by playing 100h, in his opinion game bugged as no other before = too much masochism?
  4. No mention about why he thinks it is buggy as no other game before.
  5. Return to point nr.1


Yep. Dont pay attention to the trolls kidda


agree, but if you play 100 hours, you can’t really complain as you actually got your playtime:purchase worth back.


Not at all - if someone sticks at playing a game in the hope that it will get better but finds the whole process pointlessly frustrating I wouldn’t say they were getting their money’s worth. Every time I get to the point where I think maybe I’ve been a bit harsh criticising this game it gives me another reason to dislike it.


I call bs on this. No one would play for 100hrs if their not enjoying it. Or that person is extremely bored