Godbye KCD (and any other warhorse game)


or that person can see the potential this game has and wants to believe it will get there. Looks like they’ve reached the end of their tether though.


I don’t really care. Real gamers can see how amazing kcd is. Warhorse just won best rpg at some rpg convention.


real gamers. lol .


Go ahead and let the door hit you on your way out. :wink:


and nothing of value was lost


Yes, of course. But you mean plaeyd? “So, with 100 hours plaeyd…” I am not quite sure if this can be considered as gaming. I was told once that far awat, hours of plae could translate into minutes of play. Furthermore, Zehio says himself that he never played this game: “the most frustrating and buggy game I’ve never played, never.” :joy: Ps. Of course I can be mistaken, as English is not my first language or simply delusional if stars are misplaced…


yea, good bye zehio, to me it was an awesome experience and almost bugfree.


I think a lot of people would enjoy the challenges the game has to offer if they were not thoroughly frustrated with other aspects of the game. If you are playing and have not had issues I can see why you’d enjoy it, but for those of us that have encountered bug after bug it all wears a little thin. Those small issues add up and there are still way too many.


Literally no one cares.
You can’t even type with any correct form of grammar, so I’m not too sure you’re the bright bulb you think you are.
Adios!, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


No, people do care, you don’t and that’s just fine. Does it make you feel proud? Actually it must be catching - don’t reply “i3lacki3eard” because I literally don’t care either.


So since ive only been able to play for 23:34 hours and game is unplayable. Does that give the right to complain? If so then even if you play 100+ hours you can complain. if game ever becomes unplayable then NO you didnt get your moneys worth. im still waiting for game to get fixed so i can accually play and I DON’T KNOW maybe even get to the ending. If you dont want to hear about how people are having problems with the game, dont read the forums…


Ahh, the joyous irony of someone complaining about lack of quality when not even being able/willing to proofread his complaint.


To be fair, Gothic 3 is an exceptional situation. The Publisher pushed the release and refused to let the devs touch it afterwards. I’m oversimplying it, of course, but Gothic 3 is the broken result of a very, very ugly divorce between JoWood and Piranha Bytes. There’s a reason PB wasn’t involved with any of the expansions of future sequels and why fans of the game consider Risen, and not Arcania: Gothic 4, to be the proper successors to Gothic 3.

But your POINT is entirely valid of course.


Look at the way he spells his name and yet he is calling people out for ‘using the correct form of grammar’ l33t


They don’t even compare.


this forum is so funny


Yep, we just need Jeremy Kyle to moderate and it’ll be perfect.


Skyrim had a lot more bugs than KCD and a lot more budget as well…


Welcome to the team of frustrated and annoyed players