Got Caught several times for following the damn rules in the monastery! SO STUPID!

This is so stupid. The rule told me to go to the dinning room at 18:00 after the Mass at 16:00 - 18:00. But when I time travel to 18:00 in the Chapel, I was warned that I am not in the right place. The “not in scheduled place” just triggered too early! What I am suppose to do? Teleport to the dinning room? I also couldn’t leave early because I was supposed to be in the Chapel until the mass finish. When I was warned, most of the monks didn’t even leave the chapel yet!

Same thing happened when I try to walk from dinning room to the alchemy room after the common meal. A “not in scheduled” prompted for a second when I walk out of the dinning room at 08:00 ( right after the quest log appear). Then I was caught again for misbehavior. WTF?

Those are some of the issues with that questline. To get them off your back though, until it’s fixed, try these:
-Don’t skip time during mass, just wait until it’s over and people start leaving then leave with them
-Don’t get up too early from the dining hall even if you get a quest prompt, wait for someone else to get up first then follow after them

You shouldn’t run into trouble if you do those and it’s not too tedious, the masses don’t take awfully long and neither does the dining.


if you are very sneaky and very evil, you can remove those two monks. Intentionally be in the wrong place when everyone is busy pulling weeds. Let one of the monks follow you around a corner and stealth kill when he turns his back. hide the body outside where no one will find it, but not too far - that breaks things. repeat with the other and continue monastic life forever. This worked in 1.2.5. you will have to be their friend, have high speech, or not been caught before to let them turn their backs without punishing you. Since they are the only two who will follow you wherever you go in the monastery, they are also the easiest marks. I spent too much time on this quest - they caught me too many times when I hadn’t done anything wrong, yet, so this plan came about. Also, they won’t harass the other novices anymore.

As a side note. If you finish the quest the long way, the other monks will sit and eat for eternity. If you do it the quick and dirty route, they will carry on with their routines. So the quick and dirty route is really the best for everyone involved.

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I climbed to the top of the chapel then dropped down like a ninja and stabbed his arse… job done !

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Haha this quest simply has too many errors even by doing the things the game told me to. I am not intentionally trying to break the game but the game automatically broke on me. “other monks will sit and eat for eternity”, thanks for telling me I’m laughing so hard right now.

Anyway, even after I finished the quest in long way and got the strange die, the cutscene just doesn’t have an option for me to show the bandit strange die. Forcing me to pay 3000G If I don’t want to fight them. Comon

I killed Pious the first night in his sleep and escaped but continued to get reminders of my monk duties for days after that so I decided to retry the monastery. Got to the point on the second day where you get poisoned and make plans to escape… Karl’s damn dad broke in and revealed that I had taken his place, bringing the guards with him and I have no option to keep playing monk, I have to kill Pious and flee… So, yes, very buggy quest.

I read the book and i follow the schedule. I wake up 10 minutes before 3 sm because its “realistic” and i treat it like a normal job. no quest to go to mass triggers and when i go to mass i am breaking the rules and am kicked out. when i go back to sleep for an hour to let the quest trigger, i go to mass and breaking the rules and am kicked out. this game is terrible. its not realistic, it just goes out of its way to make you repeat the most boring parts.

WOW! so if i cant pass a really high speech check to get karls gaurd away from him i cant work for radzig .im done with this game. i want my money back.

the people who made this game are retarded

so are you saying i cant arrest pious if i stole the writ?

somehow this is a role playing game but you have to do everything in a very specific way you have to look up.

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I’ve been trying to beat this quest for two days now. I’m so close to pulling a page out of Anakin’s playbook and slaughtering everyone. I keep going to jail even though I’m in the right place. I just want to vent and hear everyone’s frustrations with this quest. Tell me your Monastery horror stories.

The monastery is what puts me off starting a new game. It was really tedious.

And the singing is beautiful.

Has any of this been fixed with the newer patches?
These are some very old posts.

On PC use the cheat mod to get the invisible buff ( zero conspicuness)., add item to get lockpicks and your set.

You must be doing something wrong? I spent about 7 days in there and never went to jail once. You can skip time during the day but if something finishes at 18:00 then don’t skip time to 1800 as you will be late. Just skip time to before that and then only leave a room when the quest prompt tells you to. Do all your exploring and stealth at night, don’t do it during the day. If you get caught and have good speech you can get out of jail about 3-4 times and if you become friends with them by drinking wine with them then you also get another speech option to escape jail.


Have you already been to school ? If yes, in my country the ring bells 5 minutes before the hour (17:55 here). Follow your schoolmates (the monks here) when they leave. As simple as that.

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Maan this quest need to be updated. They can’t even follow their own damn rules… As OP say you wake at 3 but they wake at 4 and then you have moring sining AT 4! NOT 5-6 as every monk seem to do. As you would have common meal AT 6

Sorry for the rent. Is just silly

as a newbie, you’re held to a different standard. perhaps that’s the implicit message. wouldn’t be the first time.

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