GOTY lists a joke


So KCD missed winning lots of GOTY awards for what? “We cant give an award for a game with so many bugs”

Let me tell you something, every game as complex as this has bugs. RDR2 has bugs. But it is winning GOTY awards all over the shop.

Hypocrisy and double standards are strong in this one.


You can’t compare the game breaking bugs from KCD (Which maybe fixed now) with those from RDR2
(F.E.: I completed RDR2 in round about 70hours and was never forced to load a previous save).
On Console KCD is still not playable due to performance/streaming issues!!!


Sorry, I like the game but it is like saying every shirt has wrinkles when someone points out your shirt is crumpled.


Oh well. Never mind, eh.


God of War won GOTY at The Game Awards (TGA), not RDR2.

KCD not winning best TGA RPG was less an issue than not getting a nomination. That’s reflection of the writers and PR. Has marginal relationship to bugginess. For writers that didn’t nominate bugs were at best an excuse

On the subject of bugs, RDR2 has bugs but to insinuate equivalency with KCD is absurd: a sturgeon suspended in air (RDR2) has had no gameplay impact but Erik stuck outside Sasau instead of in Vranik and an unstable save system had a significant impact (KCD)


Both games have loads od bugs. By that logic, KCD was in the running too.

RDR2 and GOW will nevwr have the incredible attention to detail KCD. But then, Warhorse arent throwing millions at the marketing and slipping notes into Gamespot and IGN’s pockets either.


RDR2 doesn’t have bugs on the same level as KCD. Not even close

Fool. You’re picking the wrong battle. Has nothing to do with attention to detail or bugs. It has to do with writer bias, at least in regards to The Game Awards


It’s funny that it bothers you as much as it sounds.
So, thanks for the chuckle. :smiley:


I dont understand the essential of such a version!?
Yes, i confess that it is possible to get everything in one pack instead of buying everything one by one.
Maybe a game that’s supposed to be a GOTY should be out for one year ?!
The Name, Game of the Year, has not really to do with, are there still bugs or not.
It is the whole game. All aspects of them. I do not know how people can think that a game never has a single fault !? This is naive and shows the ignorance about programming.


interesting idea.

not sure people with such expectations actually exist. that said, you have to admit some games/studios are pushing things to a questionable level. more betas are early release masquerading as a feeble smoke test or final quality check

ignorance about programming? medical device software and software used in support of clinical trials employ an SDLC that seemingly holds (end) user acceptance testing to a higher standard than that seen in gaming software. isn’t perfect or without faults but quality is more reliable


A: They exist.
Q: Who are these guys?
A: Most time everyone when i read comments and posts in official forums.
And here we can list many many people who wrote her “test reviews” with very questionable words and sentences. For example, one guy compared WH to Nord Korea?! WTF!?
It isnt a secret that PC games in these times needs often more than 3 or 5 patches.
And everyone is saying too, “after 3 three years of development” bla bla.
This is naive and ignorant with non-existent knowledge and insight for complex languages which isnt one who cant learned at the first shool class or without pre-existent skills.
Or people still buying Assassins Creed games. But someone with knowledge knows that ubisoft is to stupid to handle this old engine. They are to stupid for that. We got 21 games as proofs. And everyone is still crying about the same things since 2007. And with the next game too. People with a brain wouldnt be such kids :blush:

Are you serious?! These medical device softwares getting more time in developement and testing as pc games. We are talking here about Games and GotY Editions and not about medicine.
Why i’m answering to that?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


you see more ‘no bugs must exist’ users than i do.

you said ignorance of programming. strictu sensu, you were wrong.

software under the FDA/EMA/PMDA regulatory authority doesn’t get as much testing time as you think. this reality is reflected in part in FDA guidance relative to risk based (computer systems) validation.

vendors in the med device/clinical trial software take end user feedback more to heart. there’s a business reason/motive for it. continued revenue. that’s a non-issue in gaming software minus ludicrous skin purchases and pay to play/win games


kk, i blieve that and will investigate for own purposes too.

And here again. I am talking about games. If you cant do that, bye!
I believe in your medical words. But that is to far.


the point is end user feedback is getting short shrift in gaming software. it’s not driven by a naivety of programming. it’s a reality.


I was trying to say, The enduser are most time naive!
And yeah then you can think that programming a game is easy!
And bye!


end users are naive about the technical aspects of software (code, etc). they are not naive about their needs. you remind me what’s sometimes messed up about techies, not only in gaming software but also med device/clinical trial software :face_with_raised_eyebrow: fitness for use isn’t frickin code. it’s product behavior that supports an end user’s use case


same experience in hundreds of hours. on PS4, FO4 and KCD have had save stability issues. haven’t had one in RDR2. all the things i do to avoid save corruptions in FO4 and KCD, i haven’t had to do with RDR2.

what’s the same vs different on PS4? FO4 and KCD have variable save slots (at least within the UI) whereas RDR2 has pre-defined slots. not 100% on this but at times and over time it seems like variable save slots (esp when game lacks a save file count limit) lose their referential integrity. my guess is that patch change mgmt might be a contributory factor


Lets list the BIG negatives. Bunch of little ones too, but lets focus on the big stuff.

-20G patch day 1
-2 months to fix the stutter bug
-One disastrous patch after another
-Sub Par 1st DLC (From the Ashes)
-Broken Amorous Adventures DLC. (not fully playable for a week after purchase. ugg…)
-7.1 introduced crash bug to 10% of it’s player base. Yikes!

All these within the first 10 months. And we still haven’t discussed the console issues. Are you really surprised it got GOTY snubbed?


Heh. After 40 years of living among humanoids I am 99% sure that valour is not the point in getting rewarded. World works in a different way. Not quite clean one.
Odi profanum vulgus!


interesting take.

personally, find it curious that a studio that eschewed doing things the traditional and/or PC way so desires (via social media) award recognition