GOTY lists a joke


GOTY is nothing to “win”. Every game can be GOTY if the developer/publisher decided it for a re-release.


For me, it’s probably game of the decade… but I can’t fault someone for penalizing it for its bugs, because that’s frankly well-deserved.


In the vast majority of cases, GoTY are simply a reflection of how lucrative the kickbacks from the developers are to the media outlet. ‘Free tat’, ‘Conferences’ involving choice accommodation, drink and hookers, Etc.

GoTY means nothing. Look at Bethesda, they have received award after accolade, and they have steadily slid down a path of decreasing quality, low technical standards and increasing arrogance towards their player base, all abetted by the games media that has shielded them from criticism.

I like KCD, and I haven’t had anywhere near the problems it seems some people have had. I’d like to seem more of it.


You are right. They should never have released console version.
They should have let them wait until the game has been thorougly tested and balanced. Then we could have enjoyed a better KCD and they could enjoy RDR2. Next year we could swap.


I can’t agree on RDR2 being GOTY.

They didn’t release it to pc.


Game of the decade? Haven’t you played “Amnesia: The Dark Descent”, “Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs”, “SOMA”, “The Cat Lady”, “Downfall Redux”, “Neverending Nightmares”, “Risen 1-3” and “Elex”?


I’m not a fan of horror games. The Risesns and Elex are some of my favorite games, but I’d rate them a notch or two below KCD. Fallout New Vegas and The Witchers 2/3 would be my next favorites.


The Witcher 3 was boring, but The Witcher 1 & 2 are good games, even that they can’t reach the water to Risen and Elex and especially Gothic (but this is older than a decade).

You really should play the “horror games”. They are no conventional “horror games” they are masterpieces of game design art. There’s nothing around the gaming history that have the power to feature storytelling on such a high level. The atmosphere is also the non-plus-ultra here. These games aren’t even meant to be for “fun”. In contrary, they want to make you mad and suffering in the deep descent of evil or mental illness. It’s not even fantasy, it has a lot todo with our real world situation. For example “Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs” is nothing less than an anti-war story similar to “Schindler’s List”, but even with a much more powerful message and the best storytelling you ever experienced, written by a real professor and scientist from the University Portsmouth. There’s a good reason to play it now due to the story takes place at the new year’s eve 1899.


IMO the combat in the witcher series was awful.


Yes, that’s one of these things I dislike, but there are more, elementary, things that are completely bad.


Hence your interest in killable kid NPCs


What is with these silly GOTY threads that keep popping up all over this forum. The GOTYS are over the winner was announced…now everyone …GO HOME!


I have no idea how any of those games (or any others) could possibly affect someone’s personal choice of KCD being a game of the decade, century, lifetime - whatsoever. It’s unique of it’s kind - at least for now. So it’s only a matter of preferences.


That’s a matter of opinion. Everyone likes different games. Games of the decade are for me those that have formed a genre until today. Like Thief, Half-Life/DOOM/Quake/Unreal, Mass Effect 1, Assassin’s Creed, Ultima Online, Gothic. And Half-Life got such a award cool But there are people who love edible ice cream with coal taste :smile: And i know people will hate me or replying to that but
Risen cant be a game of decade because it is copy in his design from Gothic! This can be felt in every aspect of the game. But i love Risen 1 too! :sunny:


reviews by critics and players weren’t nice to Risen 3 and the studio appears to be even smaller than WH so not sure what WH needs to emulate to make KCD2 or its next non-fantasy game better.


I agree about Risen. However, KCD is by no means just a copy of other games. In contrary, it did form a genre of it’s own in a sense - at least no less than Mass Effect or Gothic.


Yeah a sign of decadence for me. Risen 3 had problems too but it is a game and not more.
The people wanted games from PB with! and in! Gothic style and they got three more titles.
It is easy for most people to create a map/level for a existing game but often they dont know how difficult it can be to create a story in a world which everyone will love. All people saying it is best game since the last 10 years but they playing it only one time and switching to the next crap of garbage!
KCD can be a GotY too, after his completion. The Witcher 3 had more than 12 patches too and got the GotY. Oh and Witcher 2 seems not better as The Witcher 3. Or why had TW3 got a GotY and not TW2 with his RedKit!? For me is a GotY Edition only a new invention to the 10 euros budget pyramid.

What they can do is, improvements to battles or switching the engine to ensure big battles.
Or they move to the direction where they can told stories of real non world heroes.


The only thing what KCD did was, giving a real world based on a real world.
And no fantasy and so on. We all know that. I guess i dont need to repeat it here.
But now tell me a design element which is complete new to all other games?
I mean things like, You can sit down
Where i can say, you can do that in 80 percent of all RPG’s.
But we can say, if you never played a game with such details like in KCD, and you voted it for a GotY, it is okay. Not everybody must known everything. I love the game for what it is. But not one of his design elements is new to me.


personally GOTY doesn’t mean much to me. (in course language, fuck all)

beyond the marketing advantage of slapping GOTY on your product (ie generate more revenue), GOTY doesn’t mean much unless you’re sufficiently insecure in your own efforts that you seek and need the adulation of others to make you feel better. it’s a step above participation trophies they give out in the US youth sports


to me, it is a version with everything included. Not more. No Goodies added or similar.
And in sight of TW3, it fucked the code of all mods :smile: