GOTY lists a joke


was W3 the best of that year? could care less. said it before, i liked W3. enjoyed the heck out of it and Skyrim but won’t replay either of them. W3 was too much fantasy. i might be able to turn a blind eye to Skyrim fantasy but the forests and landscape (even the remastered versions i’ve seen vids for) just can’t hold a candle to KCD and RDR2.

yeah, i get the GOTY purchasing idea. for the games i really want, i’m too impatient to wait. and, aside from screwing up mods, GOTY version still aren’t devoid of issues. i’m currently on my bazillionth FO4 patch (many past version of GOTY) and the save system is still messed up. beth is evil. FO76 removed any doubt.




Tell me one openworld/rpg which you can finish with only one kill…
I´m tierd from all the killing, in other games…


Were there such in the games you listed? I mean, actually new to all other games?
To me personally, KCD was the game that felt differently. When I say “a new genre” I frankly mean that there’s a complex of elements which maybe aren’t revolutionary per se - like complex combat, realistic archery, meditative alchemy, well made needs, health and stamina mechanics and so on - which immersed me like no other game did (I don’t mean “as much”, but rather “in such way”). For sure I haven’t played all the games that exist, but I haven’t got any even closely similar experience in any other game I’ve played.
If I had to name that new genre, I guess it would be something like “medieval peasunt simulator”, but not exactly =)


Hm yeah one kill will not be easy. But two or three in Gothic 3. You can finish the game in 15 mins :smile: I would say too, some missions in the Sniper Elite series but it isnt finishing the game with these missions.

Yes, Gothic, for example. I have no time to list and comapre every feature from other games here but there are all actually in other games. But it is my own opinion about that. I am not a person who must bought every GotY of his loved games. As i said, KCD can be GotY too for his world, combat style and some other things. But when myself plays the game, i not feeling something other than in other games.
kk, i feel more medieval as in other games. But that’s all. In the first time of playing i’ve got such feelings in other medieval RPG’s too. Fanatsy or not. But i am not feeling the same in Max Payne 2 as in Max Payne 1. And Max Payne 1 got a GotY.


many games are centered around some existential crises: war (KCD), outlaws being pursued (RDR2). post-apocalyptic mayhem (FO), etc. all or almost all make killing a necessity.

have to confess to killing thousands in KCD. similar number in FO. far less in RDR2 but ‘temptation’ is there (in fact encouraged by design intent)

yes, you can finish KCD with one kill but not seeing hundreds of gameplay hours. i’d like an RPG that supports hundreds of hours of gameplay outside of first hand killing. aside from a couple quests, your (alchemy) potion skills don’t have any world impact. same with procuring weapons and armor. even if the missed Kickstarter target of crafting were added, you could only do it for yourself. can’t equip the Prybyslavitz or Talmberg guards (or group of interest) in the latest and greatest that you created directly or facilitated by persistent actions (repeated resource acquisition, trade). this isn’t a criticism of WH or KCD. KCD is the game it is. it’s just a wish that the non-killing content of RPGs were much improved upon

WH and RDR2 got some RPG aspects right such as the need to eat. what eating becomes though is a biological act or necessity. something’s missing in the quest for ‘realism’. eating especially among humans with (relatively) healthy social relationships is often a social act. commiserate with your fellow soldiers over the medieval version of shit on a shingle. talk about the latest exploits with your mates over grub and grog at the bar. etc. nothing encapsulates this sentiment more than the night out with the monk (Godwin) and its acclaim. if it came to making choices, i’d happily trade a killing technique here or there for the ability to order food and drink, the ability to chat with others at tables at the bar and the ability to occasionally tie a good one on with my compatriots (via a drinking game or whatever).


Agree. KCD wins by a country mile.


I have no INTEREST in killable kid NPCs. I just wrote I see no problem there when a game gives you the possibility to kill them.

All of those games are unique of its kind.

A copy of a perfect thing is the best what game developers can do.
And GOTY does not mean “good game”. Every game can be GOTY if the developer or publisher decided it. I can make a Mickey Mouse game and call it GOTY.


yes, i didnt say that a copy of another previous game cant be good.
I’ve said, that not every title gets a GotY and most of them have laid the foundation for other game ideas/concepts.

Yes and that is sometime (in some cases) the problem.
I think it should decided from fans and other sources. But everyone can have his own opinion.
Buying such isn’t my priority. I have other things which i like and collect. :blush:


Do you want kids in the/a game?


There is no such thing as a video game “game of the year”. It’s completely made up. There’s something like 30+ “game of the years” handed out not including pretty much every single video game website on the planet. So who cares really?? There are too many different types of games all running on different platforms to name one single game, game of the year. Hell, if there was an official game of the year it would probably be a mobile game since that is what most of the world games on. In 2018 mobile games generated more revenue than all consoles and PC games combined.

Now everyone can have their own personal favorite game they played in a year. For some that game may of came out in 2017 or 16. For a lot of people their 2018 game of the year came out in 2004(World of Warcraft). All it is is something to talk about like people are doing here and it’s fun to discuss what everyone’s own game of the year is… I don’t see why people get so upset about it and start an argument over it.

My personal game of the year is Red Dead Redemption 2. To me it is by far the most technically sound, and just downright fun to play, game I have played in a long time. I own God of War as well. It’s a good game. I enjoyed it. But I haven’t finished it and really don’t feel like going back to it. I personally enjoyed GoW 1-3 more than I did this new one.

I love KCD. To me, it was the best RPG released this year on PC. IMO though, there really wasn’t a lot of great RPG’s released this year on PC. I guess some people might argue Monster Hunter World but to me that isn’t even really a RPG game. I don’t even know if I could list 5 RPG’s I played this year on PC. KCD, Vampyr, Ashen, and I guess Final Fantasy XV are the only one’s I can think of. And I had already played FFXV on consoles whenever it had came out which was like 20116 or 17 I believe.

My top 5 games over all platforms released this year just strictly going by hours played are:

  1. The Hunt: Showdown(PC)
  2. Kingdom Come Deliverance (PC)
  3. The Forest (PC) (Alpha released in 2018, even though I’ve technically being playing if for like 3 or 4 years now… this would honestly be number one based on overall hours but most of those hours came before 2018)
  4. Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4)
  5. Vampyr (PC)

Honestly those are the only games I can think of that I spent any significant time playing that released in 2018.


If you let decide fans which game should be GOTY, then it would be either Call of Duty or Fortnite. Mainstream instead quality.


Well, on Metacritic, users give RDR2 a 7.9/10, while KC:D gets an 8.1. I tend to listen to user reviews more, as companies paying for good reviews and hype is still quite a thing.

RDR2 got lower scores because some users either thought there was too much tedium to go through in your day to day affairs, or that the main story was far too railroaded in restraining what you can do. I personally agree on the latter part, as moving from the free world play to a story mission can be so jarring it drops me from immersion into a frustrating mess of “wtf?!”. RDR2 separates plot and open world so severely that it basically consists of two games in one, and a lot of people dislike one or the other, or the overall mechanics of “Rockstar World” as they describe it.

For KC:D, the main complaints are bugs, somewhat outdated and unoptimized graphics, and the general vibe that it wasn’t entirely finished. These complaints are true and reasonable.

But what really constitutes a “Game of the Year”? Rockstar made ample waves by launching a game with undoubtedly the best game engine by a league - but this development happens every few years. 2018, in my mind, was the year of the rise of the indie developer, and Warhorse led the charge in that regard with KC:D. They showed a brilliant game could be created on a shoestring budget (in comparison), and gave the AAA tiers a punch in the nose. Meanwhile, the other companies were falling over each other to see who could screw up the most with their fans. Whether they were creating and hyping terrible broken content (ahem FO76), trying to rewrite WWII into a war between female cyborg trans-dragons or whatever, or just loading up their games with microtransactions… the big boys generally screwed up something awful.

So, yeah, for me KC:D was GoTY. Oddly enough, my second favorite game of 2018 was another Czech title which hasn’t made much waves. Hobo: Tough Life. Brutal inner city survival game originally launched in late 2017 as early access, and in 2018 got a lot of content. Still in early access, buggy, and with poor translations, but you can see where they’re going with it, and to me it’s brilliant and hilarious.

Year of the indie, critics. Deal with it.


Please! Spare us your metacritic analysis, its a load of bullcrap!
A bunch of kiddies who dont understand videogaming are giving scores like 0, i cant take that serious.
Metacritics user reviews are very overrated.
Btw i enjoy KC:D very much, slightly more than RDR2


I agree with a lot of that, but I would argue the metacritic scores for RDR2 is more of a reflection of it only being released on consoles and console gamers being made up, usually in most cases, of a younger crowd. However I agree with you about the pacing of the game and the separation between the open world aspect and the storyline. However, I’m not entirely sure how you fix that issue. To me the open world part of the game is great, and so is the story missions. I’m just not sure how you combine them and make it fit logically in a game. In pretty much every RPG ever made you are taken out of the storyline to do some ridiculous quest while the fate of the world hangs in the balance.
It would be interesting to see Rockstar put their entire efforts into creating a game like The Last of Us for instance. However the freeroaming and random stuff that happens in RDR2 is just too damn fun. I watched a youtube video the other day of a guy climbing up on part of a bridge and lassoing people as the drove by and using part of the bridge as a like pulley system to lower people down above the water with crocodiles in it… lol.

I also 100% agree about the indie games. Steam is loaded with amazing indie games, some of them cost next to nothing, or are completely free as well.


Please! Spare me your analysis of my opinion, it’s a load of bullcrap!
A kiddy who doesn’t understand videogames or forums, I can’t take them serious.
Trolls are very overrated.

But seriously, it’s not like you can’t read through user reviews, throw away the garbage, and find a better version of the truth than what you get from your average critic/reviewer. For example, Slant magazine gave KC:D a 2/10, calling it virtually unplayable due to bugs. Others gave it a 4/10 for the same issue. Sorry - but yes, while KC:D had some bugs, it wasn’t ever THAT bad. If anything, it was comparable to virtually every Bethesda launch that ever came out. I know some people encountered game breaking bugs, but out of 4 playthroughs, I haven’t had one - outside of the micro-stutter glitch that made it annoying to play. Fallout 4, on the other hand, I’ve never completed in 6 attempts because of save-game corruption, largely due to the flakiness of the settlement building system.

So, no, I’m not going to trust your average game reviewer. My opinions before buying are going to come from user reviews, youtube playthroughs, and forums. If you can’t handle me forming my own opinions in my own fashion without sperging out, then you’ll have to live sperged out.


the story is reasonably well put together (not as creative as KCD in some respects but more plausible), but FO NV type decision making with downstream impacts sorely missing. at least in KCD, what you do in nest has some (alleged) impact on baptism

basically how i feel about RDR2 and KCD. In RDR2, killed countless rival gang members and had zero impact on MQ faction battles. In KCD, killed over a thousand (no hyperbole) enemy NPCs and had no impact whatsoever on battles at Pribyslavitz, Vranik and Talmberg.

the game is tight. urgent patching didn’t happen. performance is (has been) relatively sublime even in the face of all the tedium (and its mechanics)

it’s more than a vibe. 2 out of 3 parts present. a number of Kickstarter targets not present. nearly a year on and artifacts still exist

only like 2 games released on console this yr: KCD and RDR2. asking me which is GOTY is like asking which do i prefer my left or right eye


that’s setting a low bar that WH would do well to avoid like the plague. FO4 and KCD are some of my favorites on PS4. unfortunately, as much as many things separate them, some things make them all too similar (save corruptions, bugginess, etc).

after learning of FO76, had thought it’d be neat to battle other KCD players online in the ring or as teams. after seeing FO76 vids, begging WH never does so


that’s setting a low bar that WH would do well to avoid like the plague. FO4 and KCD are some of my favorites on PS4. unfortunately, as much as many things separate them, some things make them all too similar (save corruptions, bugginess, etc).

No doubt. Point was that reviewers didn’t knock FO4 for any of those bugs, yet rallied against KC:D for having those same issues. That one review site that gave KC:D a 2/10 for being buggy, gave FO4 a 10/10.

Personally I don’t think FO76 was a terrible idea as a spinoff genre. Small server games such as this with base building and whatnot are seeing a lot of general interest. Conan: Exiles is quite popular in that regard. 76’s problem was that it was way too rushed, too full of both server and client bugs, the lack of difficulty, and inappropriate PvP options for the genre. The lack of real RPG elements is puzzling to me as well, considering other games in the genre have them. It’s funny, though. I was entirely uninterested in the game when I heard what it entailed, but after watching some gameplay I thought it might be fun - at least after some more time in the oven.

But, yeah, Warhorse should probably stick to other, less challenging products than getting involved that genre. It can be tricky to implement, and hell to support.


the story is reasonably well put together (not as creative as KCD in some respects but more plausible), but FO NV type decision making with downstream impacts sorely missing. at least in KCD, what you do in nest has some (alleged) impact on baptism

Hey, don’t get me wrong, the story of RDR2 is quite good in my opinion. It’s just that the vast majority of the missions allow very little in the way of freedom in how you solve them. Rockstar straight up disables certain mechanics and equipment, sometimes forces you to use certain weapons regardless of your preference, and often sets up truly arbitrary tasks for you to accomplish before you can progress anywhere in the mission.

One of the first missions forces you to eat something before you can finish looting a house for stuff. The universe literally prevents you from opening a chest unless you eat a cracker or something. There are only a handful of missions with optional objectives, let alone different possible paths to reach the conclusion of the mission (and at the moment I can only think of two).

KC:D does suffer from linear storytelling as well, but I don’t think I’d term it as railroaded. You’re given quite a bit of freedom in how you solve a mission - whether it’s through subterfuge, force of arms, or charismatic methods in certain instances. Outside of the more cinematic missions which involve multiple forces clashing, you’re generally at the mercy of your own decision making.

The lack of this in RDR2 in the main story missions makes it less a game in my mind than a movie that you continually unpause by left trigger, right trigger (auto-aim and shoot). Personally, I found it kind of tedious and frustrating, knowing that there were tons of different solutions that I could be doing at any given moment that didn’t necessarily lead to a different outcome of the mission, but was arbitrarily prevented from doing because reasons. If I kill everyone in Vranik, I don’t get a game over screen, and I can appreciate that.

basically how i feel about RDR2 and KCD. In RDR2, killed countless rival gang members and had zero impact on MQ faction battles. In KCD, killed over a thousand (no hyperbole) enemy NPCs and had no impact whatsoever on battles at Pribyslavitz, Vranik and Talmberg.

Sadly true to an extent in certain areas, and I’ve said similar things about the game. However, if you watch footage of the beta of the game, or played it, you know the reasons why it comes off as a bit clunky in this regard. Warhorse had to cut a lot of corners to reduce the amount of bugs and voice acting they had to contend with to get the thing out the door. The scouting and siege of Pribyslavitz was cut short in terms of the options at your disposal by a significant amount. So, yes, if you kill everyone at Pribyslavitz or Vranik prior to the battle, it comes off as very puzzling and ham-fisted when you see that your efforts amounted to nothing. I presume they had plans for content in case you did such a thing, but couldn’t get around to implementing it.

With Talmberg, however, it makes a bit of sense, as they specifically say that they split their forces. This probably would have happened before you escaped Vranik, as it was always intended to be a trap for Radzig and Divish to fall into. Otherwise, it’s presumed there’s large numbers of bandits in the region because they’re recruiting from all over Bohemia. The fact that they refresh isn’t a huge shock to me. That they come back in two hours ready for battle is on the immersion breaking side, though.

Still, if Rockstar had done it, you’d be basically told every step of what to do in virtually every mission, right down to who you should swing your sword at. I prefer the somewhat flawed linear storytelling with options of KC:D to the oppression of having to deal with RDR2 missions.

it’s more than a vibe. 2 out of 3 parts present. a number of Kickstarter targets not present. nearly a year on and artifacts still exist

Well, yes, as already said - they cut a lot of corners and had to chop a lot of stuff. Just saying that even people who didn’t realize that they had to cut content back, and were unaware as to what the kickstarters were promised, can see that there are missing elements in places.