Have No Idea How to Save Sir Hans Capon

This quest is so, so hard. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. My strength is 4, and my armor kind of sucks but it’s the best one I picked up along the way. The combat system is very hard for me to learn but I’ve died over and over again trying to save Hans. I’ve tried sneaking, running and sneaking to untie him but I keep getting the “No time for that! You’re under attack!” Notification. On the rare occasion I’ve actually killed the archer, the melee guy comes after me and kicks my ass each time. I also suck at archery but if arrows could help, maybe to the face and knock them down for good, i’d be willing to know how. I tried using an axe and a sword and also a bludgeon but nothing works. I’m blocking with a shield too but this is so frustrating. I loaded an older save game and went around doing some fistfighting with Milan and his friends, and even a quest for bandits but there was like over five bandits and they all kicked my ass too. I did some more training with the captain in Rattay but I’m not sure what to do anymore.

Any help would be appreciated! :frowning:

You have to fight the Cumans, so get better at fighting, either as a player or level-wise for Henry, and/or get better armour.

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I am not sure if you can wait till night on that quest, but if you can perhaps you can then knife them in their sleep.

Git gud. Seriously. Those two are not as hard as later enemies. I beat them on both normal and Hardcore (I rushed this one). Combat is probably not your strong, so try sneaking to him, strip your Henry of all clothes and run to him while they are looking away, worry not, those Cumans will not always look.

Just sprint in and spam click one guy while hes still sitting

then run away or perfect block the other guy
you can take that slow

or you can get a bow draw one away and 1v1 the melee guy with his back turned to the archer. If youre lucky the melee gets hit with friendly fire. Thats what i did on my first playthrough

Do stealth. No time limit but you can’t leave the nearby area. Just wait and kill them with a dagger


This worked for me, take out one Cuman as run away and hide, wait and then take out the other Cuman. You cannot fight both at the same time.

I think the melee guy is the more serious opponent. I solved this by trying so many times that I got a good headshot with a bow. At the same time I tried to stay between the archer and melee guy and actually the archer sometimes hits the melee guy when trying to shoot you. After that the melee guy is easier to kill. Archer can then be killed when he is still using his bow, by running to him and bashing his head with what ever weapon you have.

What about something like that?


Hi Radzig: My 2-pennies worth…

If you choose to simply untie Hans, wait until night. Even better, use the time to do some more hunting and only head up to the camp when it starts to get dark. At night, one Cuman will be sleeping and the other sat at the fire. The one at the fire will change sides at regular intervals. Sneak close to the camp behind Hans. Wait until the fire guy moves and is facing away, sneak in and untie, sneak out.

For a decent stealth outfit, everything you need can be obtained from the 3 bandits you fight on the road to Skalitz - from the last 2 actually. Between them, you can get the Padded Dark Coif, Ordinary Tarred Jacket, Noble Boots, Hunters Gloves and the ‘quiet’ variant of Patched Hose. Not only does this make you look like epic Scum of the Earth it gives you low noise and visibility. For a decent weapon, the Skalitz Bailiffs Shard is as good as it gets for one-handed. Steal a shield from Talmberg to go with it.

For the combat route, I think it’s still best to wait for night to aid the initial takedown. You really don’t want to fight both at once. The archer is usually my first target - unlike the Cumans in road ambushes with Dogwood bows and hunting arrows, this guy is the real deal. He has the proper Cuman bow and a quiver full of wounding arrows. He will hurt you a lot. Melee guy isn’t so much of a big deal without his archer buddy backing him up.

I reckon the best approach is from the west side of the camp - it gives you the option of sneaking up behind the guy at the fire when he is facing away, or sneaking over to the tent where the other is sleeping.

If you don’t have Stealth Kill at this point, close range archery is probably a better option than trying the knockout lottery. Don’t bother with fancy headshots - the Cumans have helmets and mail collars. Aim for the body, where they have no armour. Another reason to target the archer - he doesn’t have a shield strapped to his back. You can sneak up close and shoot him in the back with ease. If he’s in the tent, even easier.
Then melee the other.
In melee, just be patient. Even melee guy isn’t so great. Stab at the face, slash low at his unarmoured body on the side away from his shield. Remember your blocks and follow him up when you get a chance. Back off when you need a rest and stab at him when he comes chasing you.

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This is brilliant. I had no idea the Cumans weren’t hanging around Hans too much at night. I might indeed try this! Thank you!

A little tip to help a bit with combat. Until you get better, there’s a type of clinch you have a good chance of winning if you run close to your enemy and hit LT with Xbox L2 with PlayStation (not sure about PC) if you are fast you can take advantage of the enemies momentary pause to get in a good headshot. Just make sure not to attemp this while your enemy is swinging at you. Also practice combat with captain Bernard. He can’t be found right outside of the upper Rattay gate by the combat arena. Use practice weapons until you are more confident as there will be no consequences to losing one of these matches, although if you fight him with real weapons you will get more experience. Make sure you know what your doing before fighting with real weapons because while he won’t kill you he will beat the piss out of you, injure you, smash your armor and make you bleed witch will result in death if not bandaged soon enough.

Is the rescue taking place in DLC or it is the hunting with Capon quest?

Your text suggest that it is in normal game.
Never had to free up Hans because killing just 2 cumans is so easy :smiley:

Clinch depends on the strength and most enemies are stronger than Henry, better avoid clinching.

I’ve never had any trouble fighting in this game for some reason, even with low stats. Possibly because I first learnt it on a very weak machine at 2-4 fps during combat, so now at 25-60 fps everything is a piece of cake. When outnumbered, I suggest moving a lot and making sure that nobody is ever standing behind you. Also make sure that there is always someone or something between you and any archers. Stabbing is faster than slashing, so if you trigger an attack at the same time as your opponent, you might get there first. Perfect block followed by a stab is also a good strategy. If you have more people attacking you, you can unlock your targeting by holding the right mouse button and dragging the cursor away (or to another opponent). Good luck!


That’s a feat! :scream:

I used to joke and say that Henry is epileptic. :smiley: It made perfect blocks pretty much impossible, but all the more reason to learn to move around my enemies. I eventually cracked up and bought a better machine just to play more comfortably. Ripostes were a welcome revelation.

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Take a look on YouTube to get some maps for treasure chests, some contain good armour and weapons which should help you.

Alright buddy I got yer back, listen up.


  1. Target the melee guy first make sure he’s blocking the archers line of sight so he cannot shoot you.

  2. If you’re having trouble even hitting the cuman, walk very close to him like in his face to force a clinch.
    Hopefully you got the perk to help with clinch that way you can easily overpower him and he’ll be left vulnerable after the clinch.

  3. After taking out the melee target, rush to the archer before he redraws, or pull out a melee weapon.
    Stab him before he has the chance to defend himself.

  4. (Optional) Start by shooting them, make sure they are basically in the middle of your screen when aiming and
    the arrow is a slight bit to the left of them. That way you should have a accurate shot, if you miss don’t worry just pull out that sword as quick as possible.

  5. If you still cannot beat them, reload a save before you start the quest and talk to peshek and learn lock picking and pocket Picking. At night train lock picking on easy doors in rattay or ledechtko. Knock out(Do NOT KILL) villagers to also raise stealth. I don’t suggest doing this in rattay unless you’re confident in your stealth ability.
    Lechechtko is less punishing since you aren’t always there and I’m wanted there and will be jailed if caught. But I walk through there and just avoid the guards so I don’t repent my crimes.

Not sure how waited til night, but if I wait until night they’d kill him and I’d fail the mission get hung for letting him die and have to restart from my last checkpoint.