Heavy FPS drops

I have problem since the start of the game. It doesnt matter if I play on low or high details. (on low I have like 80-90 FPS, on high have like 50-60 FPS). But I have really heavy FPS drops like every 5 minutes. Happend to me in villages, woods even in dialogue. FPS drops to 5-10 for few seconds and then it gets back to my normal FPS. Dont know if this problem is just with all the DLCs activated because I just bought royal edition, never played KCD before. Anyway I really dont know where is the problem so I need some advice.

Here is my system:
Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 3750H (2.3GHz, turbo 4GHz)
Graphic: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti 6GB GDDR6
Ram: 16GB DDR4

Would be grateful if someone could help me with this, its really annoying to have these drops because I cant fully enjoy this great game.

You must find something to adjust in settings. I also don’t get much improvement of texture pop-ups on different settings but you might prefer playing on something lowered for the sake of playability.

Well even when I tried to get everything on low I have these FPS drops so that is not a problem.

But drops to the mentioned lows? 5-10. That would be very suspicious. I mean it is understandable it happens in towns and forests, but that you get so low, not so normal.

Ye, Its getting down from these 50-90 (depends if i play on low, medium or high) to 5-10 FPS. Then it gets back in normal on 60-90. Its really curious and the most unusual are drops in cutscenes I think. This process (I mean fps drop and then getting back to normal) is like 5 seconds long. Its not that much but for example in battle its really unpleasant.

I also get 30fps in some cutscenes. It’s like locked there.

30 would be alright but I am talking event about 10 fps or so.

dude, same here, have you got any solutions?