Henry customization

i just have a question regarding Henry. is there anyway we can customize hit face? i would like to have a big beard and what not. now i know he is the main character but even the witcher had customazation options when it came to hair and what not. or do we have the same bland looking henry? what if i want to looked baled and aged. to me an RPG is suppose to be your story something you create with the character you made. now that being said im not against having a set in stone main character. but to me not having any choice of the matter is a major deal breaker

Well then your deal has been broken.
Maybe hair customization but thats it.


sadly there is no way you can customize henries appearance no hair styles or beards. they had limited resources and there budget was low they couldn’t put many things in the game but they made a great job and possibly a very great game with there low budget

Doesn´t fit into the narrative of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Why should you help your father at the forge?


I’m still curious how old is Henry and his parents.
His father’s actor is 45 years old, so I guess alike.
Henry could be like 25, though the actor is older.

I think that Henry is around 19-20? Not sure though

If we talk about year 1403, I think 16-18 will fit more…

"Are there any children in game?"
Basically negative
And also look at his friends, they do not look as young as 16-18 year olds.

Have I mentiond the year 1403? :wink:

For example:

legal age, 12 for girls and 14 for boys.
or Wikipedia:

Ha. Nice. I didn’t know that. So I should have asked if there are any NPCs under age of 14. Still, I did not see any little ones. I just wanted to make sure. I hated Skyrim kids, which were invincible.

No, they ran into issues involving the AI and decided to cut children, there was a big thread on it

Henrys actor in real life is 39 years old. :smile:


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I know he is so old. I’m asking just cause I’m curious.
It doesn’t change anything.

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