Will there be ...children?

People asked about nudity and homosexuality in the game and argued that it is historical accurate and therefore obligatory for KCD. There was much discussion. But there is another problem. Do the same arguments fit here?
They had children in medieval times and it would be strange, if such a realistic game like KCD wouldn’t have them in the city’s and villages. But there is a big problem: warhorse sad, that you can kill almost any npc. So how to solve this problem?


good question it would be nice if there there but of course killing kids has historically bin a huge burden to bear for game that involve them, looking at you fallout.

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…what problem?


No children, No children. (Sorry 20 characters required)

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there are children, you just can’t kill them.

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See this FAQ. Yes, there will be children, but as mentioned in Cerberus’ post, the devs have also said it probably won’t be possible to kill them (because it would get the game banned in some places). So I don’t know exactly how they’re going to handle it.

My personal view is that it should be possible (with appropriate consequences), but I do understand that Warhorse actually want to be able to sell the game. I’d also rather have non-killable children than no children at all.


Ok, so children are there.
Should then be easy for some sickos who want to kill everything that’s moving to change or remove the ‘can’t kill’-flag via the modding tools.

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Warhorse doesn’t want to draw the ire of any rating agency, since killing kids apparently turns the game into a murder simulator despite the fact that you are generally killing allot of adults.


Skyrim is a good example, we have children’s to interact but killing then is impossible. In my opinion include children’s is a good asset to gives us more realistic environment.


I don’t get. Why should you be able to kill men and women but no children? That makes absolutely no sense and is some of this pseudo-morally-politically-correct bullshit…


You don’t get that Warhorse want to be able to sell the game in as many countries as possible?
There have been controversies about smaller shit.


Yepp. Never sacrifice your vision for a cheap buck.


Not to mention, most humans in most time periods try to avoid killing kids. It feels universally evil even to a “cruel” person. Not that children don’t die, but usually from a cause and effect like their parents being killed or village being decimated as opposed to direct assault or assassination.


I see, you never had to make a compromise in you life?
But it’s not just about a cheap buck. Maybe they want to make more than one game? They can’t just ignore, for example, such big markets as the US because of such little things. They have to weigh which features of the game are important and have to be kept and what’s not that relevant and has to go. That doesn’t automatically mean the product has to be a dumbed down pile of shit. But they have to take into account the culture of their target audience. It’s a fine line what people will accept and when it’s too much.

I personally don’t care if you are able to do it. But as you can see it’s not an easy topic.


In all of my gaming life only 2 games make me very very sad when a npc died. One of them is Fallout(1 or 2 i don’t remember which one). I was fighting with slavers in a city then thanks to RNG-God a child NPC mistakenly killed by another NPC :cry: BTW i’m against immortal NPCs of any kind.

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Also; who says the developers want to animate children being killed. It may not only be the market, but it may simply be something the developers don’t want to do on a personal level, and I don’t blame them. (Even though I find children absolutely annoying)


This brings me to another question: Will NPCs be able to kill children by accident or will some of them have some kind of ‘asshole’-behavior written into their AI/Behavior profile (e.g. ruthless criminals) and do it on purpose?

also rember older classic games like the first and 2nd fallout there where lawsoots world wide about them. even the counterys that havent outlawed games where child death is posible there are still lawsoots

I’m sure that there will be some mods which will make us able to do it, like in Skyrim. I confess that I killed one or two in Whiterun, for testing purposes only, of course… XD


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