Will there be ...children?

You sure it wasn’t because you were losing in a game of tag and got a little mad?


Killing kids was quite normal. Young, old, men, women, no difference. DId you ever read about history? Whole civilizations were crushed and vanished and not because somebody spared their children.


There are some things that the game should not allow the player to do, and killing children is one of them. Period. And if you find kids annoying, you may be right, sometimes, but hey, once upon a time you was too…


Honestly I hope they do. Back when I picked up Deus Ex after hearing about its reputation for being open and free I was surprised to find that on the second level a kid runs up to you only moments after beginning. Because literally every game I had played until then treats kids as if they’re made out of solid diamond wrapped in ballistics armor I was determined to find if the classic Deus Ex was willing to allow a gamer to cross that line.

Well I was not disappointed and actually I respected them for allowing it, though more than likely it’s more like they never though to make the kid invulnerable in the first place, because doing so would be stupid and actually result in taking away from the game as a whole. In the end, I ended up loading a quicksave from before I tested it because I wasn’t going to roleplay some mass murderer for no reason, and I did not end up becoming a school shooter afterwards.


Well, the kids were bloody annoying in Skyrim! Understandable that you wanted them dead ^^

@Cerberus answered many questions with the quotes. But there is still a open question: What exactly will happen, if the player shoots an arrow on them or hurt them with a horse?
Are people accepting here what they do not accept in other threads (big Pixel, black bar, unrealistic stuff)?

Maybe: Build in a Division by zero for this case and let the game crash. Let it in as a known bug that wont be fixed…

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The arrow will break, your horse’s legs will break. :smiley:
They’re invincible.


You’re crazy, mate! What if a village is attacked and you shoot an arrow at a children by mistake? Boom, game crashes, didn’t save for 2 hours ^^
I think it will be like in Skyrim : You can shoot, hit, burn them as much as you want, they simply won’t die.


But how will other npcs react? Do they think you wanted to kill or do they behave like nothing did happen???

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Well, in Skyrim, they behave like you attacked someone. So the bounty on your head raises and guards attack you until you pay your bounty.

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And would you think that this is something like the “barbie-nudity solution” in the nudity thread?

At least it is some kind of reaction at all (the Skyrim method).

What do you mean by that?

What I tried to say is this: Both threads have a problem. And in both threads people arguing, if there have to be realistic causalities or if there has to be an unrealistic solution.
What I tried to ask is this: Do people think, that the “skyrim method” for this problem is just as unrealistic as the “barbie-nudity method” for the other problem?

Well, the thing is that the problem is different. Nudity can be a problem to some people and a blur option for people offended by this would be a good thing. Here, we are talking about something considered monstruous. You can’t really “blur” the death. You can just delete it or not.
The “Skyrim method” is unrealistic, but it is the best there is. Other solution would be no children or killing them. The first one would cause a serious realism problem and the second one would cause a bannishment problem.


It’s exactly as unrealistic, but as Tangae said, there isn’t any obvious solution - except removing children altogether, which is even worse. Maybe just have all the children run away (really fast) the moment the player draws a weapon? The alternative is to just say ‘screw you’ to the rating agencies and include it anyway (which would be my personal choice, but…)


I would agree to say “screw you” to the rating industry who’s doing a bad job anyway :stuck_out_tongue:
But the problem is that the game must be sold in order to make some benefits. If the game is banned from several countries because they made it possible to kill children, then it is not worth it.
The solution of children running away very quickly (Maybe also hidding in some places impossible to access for adults) would be quite nice and realistic!


Just a little (adapted) quote “If you try to run, I’ve got several thin friends in my quiver and they can all run faster than you can.” :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“Tangae, post:37, topic:8554”](Maybe also hidding in some places impossible to access for adults)
They won’t be able to hide from the player’s crossbow! :smiley:

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For ranged weapon, you can just stop the player from releasing when aiming at a kid. If the kid hide under something, you won’t be able to shoot him from afar so the dev would just make it impossible to release when a kid is in the crosshair. (Or maybe something like your character lower his weapon saying “No, I can’t do that”)


As long as during siege’s and raids etc imagining some battles will happen inside towns that children are grabbed be some adult character and dragged off into the forest to hide or into a cellar etc