Will there be ...children?

Ok, here’s another what if:
What if they hide in an unaccessible place like some wooden structure, e.g. a house.
They player can’t enter the house because it’s locked but he can lay fire to this building. What’s the plausible solution for this? :slight_smile:

I like this idea! It could work :stuck_out_tongue:
With that said … You’re sadistic, mate ahah

No, no, I’m not. But since you and other people came up with solutions I just tried to think into the other direction: “What situations could arise.” :wink:

Well, we were looking how to not kill them … You were looking how to kill them
But your solution might just work … Since you don’t see the kid die, it doesn’t interfere with the stupid local laws.

Ah, now I get it, I delivered the solution myself. :smile:

Yeah, that’s usually not my play style.
But I tried to put myself in the shoes of such people who want to try out everything in a game’s world.
“Can I do this?”, “What will happen if I do this?”, etc.

I still like game crash. No dying and nothing unrealistic. Just a bug. :slight_smile:

Killing kids in skyrim is fine because they’re ragdolls. If you actually animated slicing them up though it would be disturbing.(killable children mod) I almost believe they put kids in the game simply to annoy people, because they didn’t act very much like kids.

Another alternative is implement a system similar to the one in Bioshock 3 where Elizabeth scoots out of the crosshair everytime you aim in her direction and is generally impervious to damage.

So you could shoot all you want in a kids direction but they could zigzag away until they reach a safehouse (like others have suggested, an area the player can’t enter like a house or maybe up a tree). Zigzagging away from a person firing at you is a perfectly valid tactic IRL as well, so it wouldn’t detract from the realism.


I didn’t think of Elizabeth from Bioshock! That would feel very natural and realistic!

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Good idea. I was thinking along those lines as well.

How about you automatically holster your weapon when kid si near? That would also mean that when there is fighting kids should run away otherwise they would interfere with fighting.


From my point of view its not only about killing but also about harming children. And they can not run away in zigzag everytime you come along with a horse…

Ah, that’s true, I hadn’t thought of chasing them down on horseback.

To be honest as much as I find children to be annoying, I don’t particularly like the idea of hurting them, even in games.

For the issue with horseback-murder-time, instead of zigzagging away from ranged fire, the devs could give them some pretty impressive dodging moves so they could roll or jump away from an incoming sword or halberd swing, or they just simply jump flat down.

Then we could have Bohemian Ninja children! (that would totally break realism though, having a child fully capable of anticipating, leaping and dodging blows that even a trained professional wouldn’t be capable of doing but still, imagine… medieval ninja children)


I thought this thread was about being able to “have” children as a part of your family…not killing children living in the neighborhood. I hope that in the second or 3rd act that becomes an option actually but I don’t expect something like that for act 1. I just hope it is a little similar to Skyrim in that adoption becomes a choice. You can have one of your own or pick up one from the baby store.

No! Imagine you want to roleplay a bad guy, mugging, killing and looting people… You won’t be able to do it because some kids are near. That sucks ^^

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Just imagine some kid with nice Yoda like moves ! Amazing _


"O daughter of Babylon, you devastated one, How blessed will be the one who repays you With the recompense with which you have repaid us. How blessed will be the one who seizes and dashes your little ones Against the rock."
There is history of ‘under-aged’ humans is as old as human history. But as a modern enlighten society we all know the life of a human who is 17 year 11 month 29 day old is more valuable and sacred then a person who just turned 18 yesterday.


I agree that there should be no killing of children in this game.

Yes, it did happen, but part of creating a historically accurate game means leaving out certain parts that would make it unplayable for people. Including this would get the game banned, I believe, in many places.


Let the political uncorrect stuff for the modders, everybody will be happy in the end. It’s my viewpoint at least.


or our shooter’s one: if you run you’ll only die tired