How mature will the game be?

Wrong thread? What has the description of medieval knights to do with the maturity of the game? :wink:

Yup, mature game where you can be either of those.

Well, in that case wouldn’t it be more mature to be able to become whatever you want (only limited by overall design) instead of choosing between two archtypes? In my experience real mature people usually have both, good and bad sides, some more of the former, some more of the latter… :wink:

i didn’t make my self clear, I wasn’t talking about our protagonist. I was just giving an example of ‘mature’ content, people assume knights and they think the knights of the round table routine, yet knights also do bad terrible things as well, pillage,rape, torture. These types of things should be acknowledge and explored in the game.

that’s a really boring scenario. why decide to save one village over another? why can’t you convince the lord to have his force go to the village and go to the other village with your retinue?

this type of false dilemma is really lazy form of “moral choices” in games.

I think the OP’s main point is that we shouldn’t sacrifice realisim in the name of an age rating. I agree. Nobody is saying there should be bare tits and live rape scenes in the game, but meeting an age limit restriction should be a secondary goal.

Yes, I agree. But again I would like to interpose the small remark that often both knights could be indeed the very same person. Mature storytelling is centered around multi-layered and well written characters with realistic motivations on different emotional and intellectual levels. Stuff like raping, torturing as well as physical love and extreme emotions are ok as long as they stand in the social, political and personal context of the people involved and the world around them in the very situation in which something happens. Nothing is more immature than a strict separation of people in good and bad. Real mature storytelling knows no black and white, no 100% villains and no 100% hereos, just people. One could possibly kill an innocent man on one day and save a whole town on the other day. It depends…

I agree that mature storytelling knows no artificial boundaries. Everything is permitted as long as it is not used poorly to invoke strong reactions of players just for the sake of being. That’s immature sensationalism. Maturity means that you put all the minor and major topics of life (of course the best things in life - like love and sex - and the worst things in life - hatred, pain and death) in the mix and create something meaningful with it that satisfies mature players on an emotional and intellectual level, but with believability, with complexity, with actual quality and not with cheap visual effects or categorical avoidance of certain topics essential for the human sphere. :wink:


We want to be mature and authentic at the same time as possible. Which means for example:

  • we won’t shove sex in your face like Witcher does (although sex may
    appear but just like in real life) however it felt natural to the world of Witcher
  • over the line things, acording to the rating agencies, will not be present no matter how possible it is in real life - like killing of children.
  • we won’t go the over the top gore way of brutality of the fightscenes although some people synonymize this with maturity.
  • we will not go the inaccurate grim dark dirty violent uneducated “He must be a king. Why? He hasn’t got shit all over…” picture of middle ages. Medieval world was surprisingly good place to live in. However the cities were really dirty, that is true. And we want to depict all this. The main source of desolation in our game will be the civil war and its consequences.

I don’t mind gritty realism and violence, just as long as the game doesn’t devolve into heavy usage of sex/rape.

Gritty and mature please. A game with an extremely realistic basis such as this shouldn’t stop at taking cautionary notes in reference to blood and gore nudity and coarse language etc… Without getting into to much detail if realism is the drive of this game… A sword can cut off a limb or head if stabbed by a sword yes bodily fluids will flow be it blood or stomach acid pending where you get stabbed. If you break into a house or go home to a wife at night if they are bathing its quite unlikely they would be bathing in there undergarments or some such thing,nooo… they will be naked… And personally if Im in a sword fight and the little bugger stabs or cuts me, “OH POO” or “gosh darnit that hurt” are not likely to be what I would yell… (Ill spare the example lol) I say with the look of this game and all its glory go all out!!! Besides the kids under 18 are less likely to have interest in this type of game compared to say a 33 year old like myself who enjoys game for its style graphics playability etc in a relaxed enjoy the scenery type of way that this will offer!


man of steel was a great movie and in no way fail

As long as it’s not done as over-the-top as in the Spartacus TV-series, I’d like some gore and nudity in game. It’s the middle ages after all.

Going by the topics open on Sex in the game the average age will probably be about 10

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Oh yes, very mature and visceral and any other buzz word that might come into vogue during the next 12 months.

Or they could follow their vision for now and leave something for the alpha testers to do, just enough to create an illusion of impact.

I have no problem with game maturity. It would only be more realistic if it was a gritty and dark world (the Dark Ages, right?). Besides, what’s the point of a web of plots if the world is not dark enough to accomodate them? Just take a look at the Game of Thrones series.

Well friend, that’s a child’s way of viewing things. The best way to get people to cooperate is to keep them in constant fear and cowed. Burning a village as a act of terror was quite common in the days, even among people of the same nationality and religion.

Nudity/sex is pretty well neutered by the fact that this was highly religious time. While peasants probably went around like rabbits, it’s quite unlikely for unknown traveler to witness anything.

As for gore, that mission in trailer with dead livestock pretty much set the standard and I’m okay with this. You cannot make era with insane amount of melee weapons and have not some blood spilled or something cut off sometimes.
Chivalry: Medieval warfare is also good example or middle age gore done right, aside exploding heads :confused:

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Actually the times before reformation are famous for very loose morals. At least in this area. And again int his area it changed significantly after Hussite Wars which are just few years ahead of the story of our game.


It’s going to be so mature it’s gonna have wrinkles all over its face. So bloody mature that it’ll beat you to death with all its life experience and weird places it takes all conversations.


Blood eagle!

(if you watch the History Channel’s “Vikings”, don’t read what a blood eagle is on Wikipedia because it contains a massive spoiler for a later season)