Henry forgot how to block with his longsword after 1.9

PC version: Henry forgot how to block with his longsword after 1.9. It’s also not possible to use my longsword with combos

no mods here. 1.9 came while training with Bernard, pushing skill swords with training Reposite from 9 till 17. Maybe i should start save game 7 :smiley: or simply use axe + shield

Do you use a shield with the longsword?
Have you tried to reset the keyboard settings?

Neither shield nor torch. i did not change the key settings, i can try

seems to work now …

but only versus Bernard … versus bandits: waiting for the green symbol. pressing Q when green nothing happens. a few attacks later, Henry blocks without me pressing Q …
I forgot to test it with inet disabled

Fighting with axe without shield or torch in the bandit camp against ‘Birne’. Green symbol, Q pressed but no vlock …

Edit: Putting off all weapons and equipping the longsword afterward helped. And disabling internet connection :slight_smile: