Here is an actor who will play the main protagonist Henry. Can someone recognize him?


In the latest video update Henry has a different face than previously, and Daniel Vávra confirmed in the youtube comments that it is in fact a face of an actor who will play Henry in the final game. Vávra has commented on casting process quite a lot on his facebook page and he has mentioned that they have found a perfect actor for the role (he never named him), but they had some problems with scheduling and Vávra then never said whether they made a deal with that particular actor or not. It was supposed to be a semi-famous british actor known from some popular british TV series. Can someone recognize the actor based on the 3d model of his face? It is possible that in the end they hired someone else, but in case it is the actor Vávra was talking about, it should be possible for people who know him from TV to recognize him.

edit: Thanks to @ProkyBrambora, here is a better picture.


Maybe it is Luke Dale. He is one of the actors for KC.

Another actor for KC is Matthew Wolf:


Ugh, Rehor’s new looks a bit ugly…


Hmmm I don’t recognise the face… :thinking:

I do however find myself hoping that this isn’t truly representative of his final look. I find it to be a very uninteresting sort of face

Then again, a face like this would re-affirm the whole ‘you’re nobody special’ type mantra. But they could certainly still stay true to that and give Henry a bit more *something.


It looks ugly! I would have to spend the whole game, hiding Rehor’s face under helmet with mask, if they won’t “tweak” it a little!


The new face looks much too old. More like 40 and not 20. Maybe it´s only temporary… NOT better than the old one…


What? I thoght there will be nothing like that!


I like it, now his face have some edges and looks more realistic for me.


It looks realistic. But it looks too old.


Hey guys, I made a bit better picture for you.

Wouldnt say he looks 40, but for sure he does not look as young as he maybe should.


Kinda looks like old cat… which ran into wall several times in high speed :smiley:


Ive just wanted to wrote that the small picture isnt enough to guess anything!

Here Henry could be somehow about twenty which is definetly young enough to me.
Im only worried about that black tears in his eyes. That is scary!


Just to make one thing clear < disclaimer = start > I am not saying that THIS is exactly how Henry will look in the final game < disclaimer = end >


Ik avyseth that his visage is faire enogh. But hitte could be younger.


Oh my god,! Did someone steal part of his nose?0_o

His eyes are so big and far apart…

Is this the final product… ?


I guess @ProkyBrambora means maybe yes maybe no, there is no final concept.

By the Way i like the new face, reminds me at the actor matthew lillard


He looks like a cross between a hobbit and a cat

Hobcat… or Catobbit… hrmmmmmmm


I like his face. He is not ugly but has a “character face” like Willem Dafoe. The real actor looks a bit younger though! This might not even be his final form :slight_smile:


If the character is a frog person, I can agree:D


But… but… Why so serious? I will make him smile