Here is an actor who will play the main protagonist Henry. Can someone recognize him?


For me it’s very hard to say, cause without any motion pictures I can not really say if i like it or not. @Warhorse Perhaps, we can see a small video of his mimik in motion? Just a try… :innocent:


Maybe just a try, but really a nice one.


Maybe he looks that way due to him falling face first into his fathers forge when he was a wee lad. :smile:

To be honest i don’t really care what he looks like as long as he doesn’t have an annoying voice or personality.



I’m tempted to post the Anne Frank version of this, but that got me a flag and a stern talking to last time i posted it.


Can’t have any cuntroversial content.


I want him to be tall, thin, young long-haired blonde female. So I’m really, really disappointed with Henrietta’s current status and look.


is a disaster … What you do not hit the last of Henry, like Messi?


They never saw a pciture from myself! :smile: :grin:


Looks like this guy


Nope, it is not this guy :smiley:


And is it the original actor Vavra wanted or someone else? :hushed:


I have no idea which actor Vávra wanted, or if he had someone special in mind for this role in the first place, I was not involved into the process here. But Vávra is quite happy with him. :slight_smile:


So, who it is?


I will tell you, but dont tell it to anyone, please!
its Batman
(edit: seriously, we cannot tell you)


Looks like Frodo.


Is there a certrain reason for the secretiveness?


Yes, a contract.


he looks like a avatar.


Thumbs up, Henry now looks a lot better.