Here is an actor who will play the main protagonist Henry. Can someone recognize him?


its the same one as from my picture, but in different lightening :smiley:


Really? There is no change?


As far as I know, there was nothing changed about Henry… yet

But he does look bit better in this picture, due to light and lower resolution.


I still hope he ends up looking prettier.


I would expect it too but i also liked the old picture :smiley:
Cool Picture where is it from?



haha all those guys calling old henry ugly and want him changed, becareful what you wish for


I did also prefer the old look. Not to say anything is wrong with the face per se, but he really looks like he’s at least in his mid thirties-forties.


Current Henry.

Honestly the old Henry was much better. His face said youth but he’s seen things. The new Henry looks old and near death already.


Son of a blacksmith… in his forties… clear dislike.


Is there something new? Maybe this is the final face of Henry?

Only speculating…


That would be nice.


Hrmmmmm interesting :thinking:


I love the new face. He really looks like a commoner, a son of you local blacksmith. A normal guy anyone can relate to. I am fed up with all the over the top pretty boy types as game protagonists.


Most people can relate to being average, not being full on ugly.

Benedict Cumberbatch?



Where did you get all the pictures from? Like the pictures from your first post in this thread, you said are from the latest video update. (Is it the one released on 8th december?)

And the artwork you just posted, were did you get that from?

I must say, I don’t like Henry’s new face. There is nothing wrong with the actor, it just looks off in the game. Needs to be tweaked a bit I think.


Pictures from the first post (5:55+):

The artwork:

And here you can watch the latest footage of Warhorse internal beta with the new hero (it’s in german though):

I have to say I really like how he looks in the artwork. His apearance is quite unique and memorable in its weirdness. Hopefuly his ingame version will be the same.


Yeah the artwork Henry looks great, the actor also looks good…( no-homo :wink: )

It’s just his face ingame, looks different. I hope they still tweak the model this late in development.