Here is an actor who will play the main protagonist Henry. Can someone recognize him?


The video confirms my suspicion that the game will be some Czechs/Hussites-are-the-good-guys-Germans/Catholics-are-the bad-ones smug fest. But don’t worry - Germans will still buy it en masse.


Was the Catholic church not the aggressor in the Hussite wars? I admit i don’t know much about it but i don’t really see how anyone could think the Church was the right.


Heresy! Burn the heathen!!!

Something along those lines most likely haha… Old Jan starts murmuring about corruption in the church and papacy, and calls for wide scale theological reforms. Old Popey doesn’t take too kindly to these heretical ideas, which are pretty much perceived as direct challenges to the papacy’s power. So he orders a ‘crusade’ of sorts…the rest is history


Also, Jan was invited to Constance Council and even was given a protective letter. But not that it saved him from being caught and executed.


That is way too simplified. It is true that Hus was at the beggining of all the happening, but the crusades were not ordered because of Hus, but because of hussites. They started uprising after his death, and not a peaceful one. They were organizing raids all over the land. And although it is logical to feel sympathy towards Hussites due to what they represented, in the end it was yet another brutal and bloody power struggle between aristocracy where differentiating between good and evil doesn’t make much sense.


I know a guy who is member of Order of Malta and he actually really hates Jan Hus.
According to his words, Jan Hus was a fanatic, who knew no compromise, he not only criticized church but the king and nobility themselves, which was understandably problematic. He supposedly said to the king Venceslaus IV “see, the devil comes” and left the room.
Sigizmund also wanted to negotiate with him, but Hus did not really wanted to talk, so they killed him. You just dont want a guy with this level of influence pitting people against the king and nobility.

We, czechs have Jan Hus as a hero who died for the truth of love and compassion, but maybe there is another truth.
The problem is that I cannot find any mentions on the internet about this “other side” of Hus.


Thank you both for the info, the only thing i knew about the Hussite wars is what i read on wiki pedia. I figured there was probably more too it, history is never black and white.


That was kinda the point… :wink:

I think you missed the tongue in cheek tone that my response was going for. All good though…



So, this is definitely the ‘new’ Henry?

I can’t help but love their art style though. Gets me every time…


I hope so. He looks so much better than froggy mcgee.


Now that’s a Henry I like. Not too old, not too young, has good features and is easily identifiable as the main character but still normal enough not to stand out too much in a crowd.

Only problem is his shield pin. It’s not his Lord’s arms if I’m to go solely by the videos (black antlers on a yellow-orange field)


This Řehoř looks awesome. Young enough, and his stern face with scars fits really well.


You mean Jindřich (Henry)?


Yes. In russian version of Kingdom Come: Deliverance he is called Гриша (Řehoř), so I got used to this name.


Is it just me… or does he have a little bit of a Dan Vavra type look about him??

Might be just the eyes, mouth pout combination…


It would make sense wouldn´t it? :smiley: Dan said he had trouble finding someone “tough” enough, somebody believable to be badass… and nobody is such a badass as Dan :smiley:


Eh I still liked ‘old’ Henry better…

We…can choose the faces of Henry right? Considering that there are now builds of his faces.


If by ‘we’ you mean ‘Warhorse’… then yes, ‘we’ can choose :slight_smile:

I doubt they’ll put it to a vote or anything like that…


Well, no. The face of Henry will be the face of the actor who plays our Henry, you will be able to switch his face as you are able to switch your own face in real life.
But the Henry we see is still not the final version, there are no animations yet, this will not be his final haircut, maybe he will get some sort of facial hair, the textures will still get some overhaul.