Here is an actor who will play the main protagonist Henry. Can someone recognize him?


So German of you!


Hmm, what I meant is that if there are choices to choose Henry’s face at the start of the game. Having choice is great, and how the player defines how Henry would look in their playthrough would certainly be a nice touch. But I suppose the decision is to stick with Henry close to the voice actor for authentication.


will his voice still be the same or also changed to that of his new actor?
Can we get a sample of it if it is changed?


If I’m not mistaken, then at 4:08 you can see and hear the actor playing Henry.


I wondered that aswell, I was doubting if that is his actor though.
Sounded more like the son of a nobleman to me. With the whole: ‘This peasant!’ thing. Because Henry himself is a peasant and I doubt he will start to thing so highly of him.


Maybe he’s a douche bag0_o


Yeah, you are probably right. I didn’t pay much attention to what he says, and it does sound like something an aristocrat would say.


@Freix, I’m dragging you into this as well.

Okay, so bear with me cause this is pure speculation.

Skill Check: Persuasion. @Blacksmith, you made a topic on this called, ‘‘The latest information about the Stats system,’’ where you draw upon, and I quote:

The speech system is also interesting:
Highborn, Lowborn, Troubadour, Trustworthy middleman

So speculation would think that Henry is using a Highborn stat check for persuasion against another Highborn, ergo why he says, ‘‘This peasant.’’

So maybe @Wicker is right and Henry is just a douche bag. :laughing:


Important role - but not really lead role.


That´s one of the oldest speculation… the easiest way to make Henry a knight.
But there is a mantra: Henry is only a son of a Blacksmith, Henry is only a son of a Blacksmith, Henry…



i really like that they hired euro accented actors. maybe some american accents will show up as peasants, but i really like it because american accent just feels too new world, and this game is set in the old world.


That they’d use American accents never crossed my mind as a possibility 0_o


they used americans as temps, and some people were discussing having accents from the largest market of the game, which would be americans. i think originally was the plan, but the beta placeholders show american accent is too modern sounding


Yes Henry is a Peasant too. But he is on a Mission for Sir Kobyla…So it could be the actor…perhaps :wink:



I´m the Father of a Hero!>

That´s an old info :smile:

Check this:



Well that’s depressing.


I like him.


To be honest, it’s not so important how it looks. If you stop to think negatively on this, and it will seem not so bad(I think xd), and even more, he’s still in W. I. P
On the other side the whole situation, at least he will be more realistic. Still, not all people are perfect, right?