Here is an actor who will play the main protagonist Henry. Can someone recognize him?


The look of the chracter you’ll be looking at for many many hours seems pretty important to me.


But, it’s still W. I.P
I just said that it is not so bad than it could be.


There’s only one face that IS as bad as it could be.

I know it’s a work in progress, but it’s based on an actor, right?


Yes, but the actor’s not so bad. I don’t know why it is the way they came out.


Actor isn’t ugly.
Disturbs me here that.

He looks like a dolt. Don’t sure that is right word meaning “раздолбай”, “распиздяй”, “оболтус”.
But in the next dialog he is ok.


But should look like the average medieval peasant and the son of a blacksmith?


Good > Average > Bad

Average is not bad.


Okay, if normal, this debate and discussion has no meaning. In any case, our words will not change anything. Just going to hope that everything will be perfectly done.


I’m pretty sure they consider what the fans say:I


Dolt works just fine. He’s also standing in a really unnatural looking way with his knees bent. 0.5 Henry would beat this guy up and then explain that he was on important business from the lord of Ratay, pay a reduced fine, and move on.


lol except that he is australian, not british


Did they use hair gel in 1403? No idea how would Henry achieve that hair style without it… :sweat_smile:


Manure and honey of course.


Actually our words has already changed shitton of things :slight_smile:


Umm. While you do get to see Henry during dialogues (which I’m not a huge fan of tbh), and in the inventory, for most of the hours of play you will only see other people, or your own hands and legs if you look down.

Your character’s face/arse isn’t front and centre to the same extent as third person games such as Mass Effect/Witcher/Skyrim et al.


When did I say it was to the same extent?

Not being AS MUCH doesn’t stop it from being hours upon hours.


Thats true, we implemented your safe-system with the drink. And also your quit and safe system. :slight_smile:


Yeah, saw that in some interview :slight_smile: It made me really really really excited, lets hope it doesn´t backfire… :smiley:
But overall, I had the feeling that lot of ideas and criticism was usually atleast considered, which is always a good thing imo.


Yeah, looks like he is preparing for the ski season.

On the other hand now as I have seen the face of the actor more often I’m getting used to it.


The new Henry looks a little better than Frodo Henry from the German stream. I still like 0.5 Henry, but I can see the new one growing on me.