Here is an actor who will play the main protagonist Henry. Can someone recognize him?


I like the face, but what’s with the hipster Haircut.


exactly! face is good but hairstyle looks like with gel :slight_smile: previous hairstyle was better I think


he has unattractive features, obviously why he gets a lot of negative response. i want to know what the people who felt henry was ugly think. probably feel even worse.

problems are his high set brow ridge, typical action heroes and whatnot have low set projected brow ridge, gives them an intense steely eyed look. the new henry doesn’t have that, in fact he has upper eyelid exposure.

his mouth area is quite soft, he looks unassuming and nonthreatening. again, referring to movie heroes, they typically have very wide square jaws and forward protruding chins and jawlines.

he has negative canthil tilt, wherein the outer corner of his eyes point down, this is a sign of a weaker or lower set cheek bones. masculine people have high set projected and big wide cheekbones which gives them under eye support creating a positive canthil tilt.

the new henry is definitely even more unconventional and less masculine than the original henry, which may be the intent.


Well that’s a lot of details.

I just think that he has frog -like eyes. Quack.



First time I saw the DVD cover:
Never!!! This will not happen!

BUT maybe I know the reason… :smile:

I hope it will end this way:


The best option would be to let us choose his haircut. I didn’t mind the new haircut. It was definitely an improvement over Frodo Henry.


Mostly a question, but exactly what was wrong with computer generated Henry? He was average looking and could be intimidating in the right light. The new one looks doughy and not very scary. Even with a sword at my throat I’d still find any form of him intimidating me funny. Its no fault of whoever was mocapped for him, but he is simply not protagonist material (and that haircut is not helping him)


Agreed. RPG protagonists need to be malleable in terms of design, able to fit different dispositions.


Agreed, makes him look like a hipster douche bag who hangs out at star bucks.


computer generated facial animations? :slight_smile:


seriously though
give me black the brown hair


No way. The heroes in Heiliges Römisches Reich were always blue-eyed blondes. You simply cannot be hero with black / brown hair here, sorry. :wink:


who ever he is , hes one ugly bastard


Guys just remember that he is a 15th century son of a blacksmith… faces of kings were rough in that era, especially faces of village people. He did not shower regular, the food he ate was worse than thoose court dogs would eat… so we can just say life didnt treat him perfectly. Thats why I like the face.


I don’t think he looks rough at all, especially with that haircut. He looks to soft in my opinion, i think he would look much better with some facial hair, and some scars.

He looks too innocent for someone who watched his family get murdered by Cumans.


Ye, i might have used a wrong word. but by saying rough i mean ugly, went old too soon, i mean henry is probably going to die in his 40s anyway. But yea facial hair/scars might be an addable thing in the game ? Like you could get a scar by being hit, maybe…?
He kinda looks like Frodo the Hobbit
I would narrow his eyes just a bit


He does have facial hair now, it was just not done at this moment yet. :slight_smile:


Can we see it, maybe…please…?


bruh… release is NOT soon enough! :smiley: