Horse speed stopped being affected by gear and skills

So my Al-Buraq’ speed has suddenly went from 70-ish down to 42 and no matter what I’m doing - reequipping mounting, dismounting, saving, reloading - nothing fixes the situation.

I’m pretty sure that happened when I was clearing one of the bandit encampments in the forests during the main quest. I stumbled on a horse in one of their camps, and it didn’t say “mount & steal”, so I mounted it to check if it would go into sidekicks (to sell it later), but it didn’t. So I dismounted it and now my Al is slow.

There are two topics reporting the same bug.

Nevertheless, I believe that mounting that “free” horse is what has to do with the bug, and in those old topics that info would’ve been lost in the comments. Hence a new topic.

I don’t use any mods. Gear condition is at 100%. It’s equipped.

Name Quest?

I’ll try to replicate it… :slight_smile:

In the end, during Siege, either Bernard or Robard gives out little side quests to look around for bandit encampments in the forests around Talmberg. In one of those was a horse that you could take without stealing.

So I thought of a possible solution - going to one of the horse traders and trade-in sell and then buy back my horse. I went to Neuhof, bought the first Tier 1 horse they had, and right of the start with no equip its speed is 48 (6 more than Al-B). Then I geared it up and it worked - speed went up with all the same gear I had on Al-B. Then I bought My Al-B back and nope. It’s at 42 no matter what. Maybe saving and reloading while you own another horse could help idk. But seriously, why the developers ignore the bug?

There’s only 3 encampments, can’t find a horse in anyone… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Could it be your first horse, what you got to run from skalitz and game didn’t erased it, maybe because a mod…??? :thinking:

I bet you found it in the encampment to the west, there is where you dismount and left your first horse when returning to Skalitz.

I always thought that other equipment worn by the horse reduced it’s speed, therefore balancing it out.

Uhm… The first horse that you steal when Theresa is being assaulted? I rode it down the road straight into Talmberg. Didn’t dismount anywhere during that chase quest, until the cut-scene began playing when I reached Talmberg. Later, after all the cut-scenes the horse wasn’t in the stable there, so I didn’t ride it anywhere ever again.

Can you actually steal a horse in this game at all? Like, so it would eventually go into Sidekicks? If it’s possible, then I think technically that horse could end up in this weird “owned by player” state. Even despite being moved there (maybe by some npc), it’d then still be owned by player, since it had been left in Talmberg and then later found in the forest near Talmberg, so the npc which moved it there wouldn’t rewrite ownership info. Quite a lot of variables though. It’s really one pointless guess-game really. I kinda hoped devs would, like, react to it. Would be, like, nice. lol.

To clarify: I didn’t ever use any mods with this game.

iirc, only the cape lowers the speed, and only by like 3 points. Al-B is about 70 with skills, military horseshoes, top noble seat and top bridle.

I can confirm, it is a bug, indeed… UGLY BUG. But it’s not related with any free horse at least for me.

Trying more situations.


Mission: Epilogue.
After Henry speaks with his father, horse still has its status ok.
WHEN HENRY PICKS the letter he will deliver to Bergow from Jobst , the horse changes its status.

Specifically, SPEED STATUS locked at 42, any horse Henry owns at that time.

As you can see, nothing extra done… in fact, doors are locked in the hall, so you can’t get out.

No mods

The Caparison, Simple Plate Chanfron and Saddle lowers the speed.

Huh, it looks like about the same time I noticed the slow down. There was not much riding to do before setting off to Neuhof with the letter. So that’s when I checked the stats, because it definitely felt slow. I just simply connected it to that particular time I mounted a different horse.

Did you ride with Hans from Rattay or he went off without you? My thinking now is maybe the game sets the speed of Henry’ horse to match that of Hans’, so it wouldn’t be clumsy during the final ride. And when Henry decides to stay at that point, his current horse gets stuck with 42 speed.

It doesn’t matter, same results

Ok, I’ve returned to the game and it turned out it does matter. I reloaded an earlier save (“Epilogue - quest started”) and went through all the final shenanigans, but this time I did ride along with Capon. As I suspected, the game locks Henry’s horse speed to 42 so it would match almost exactly that of Capon’ one. Because, there is actually some content there - they talk during the ride from Rattay to Neuhof. And because it’s not a cut scene, you kinda have to keep up the pace yourself. Then, when you get to the camp past Neuhof, Capon dismounts to walk to the camp, “Go after Capon” finishes and “Talk to Capon” starts. At this point Henry’s horse stats are all good again.

I guess, because the ride is not a cut scene, technically, you could chase Capon half way to Neuhof and reach the camp with him, even though you didn’t set off together with him from Rattay - maybe that’s why it’s kind of difficult for the devs to make a decision as to when the game should lock or unlock the stats during all that. But still, I think, no matter what, the game should unlock the stats when Capon reaches the camp. There’s no reason to hold the stats locked past that point, since when you go along with “Talk to Capon” final quest, the final cut scene begins and the game ends, anyway.

I don’t know if it’s a bug on your side, but have noticed that the higher your horsemanship is the faster the mount goes. And after experimenting with different mounts I have gotten Blinky to be the fastest. Horsemanship maxed, gold spurs, Noble saddle, military shoes, and bridal I like uses a light one but just to be all posh normally have Noble.

“Epilogue - quest started” locks your horse speed to 42 no matter anything. You have to ride along with Capon until he dismounts past Neuhof and “Go after Capon” finishes and “Talk to Capon” starts. At this point horse stats are unlocked.

Literally, previous post man.