Horse Whistle is ear piercing


Has anyone found a way to lower the volume of JUST the whistle? I seriously am cringing every time i have to call my horse, and my dog from down stairs and across the house goes nuts every time. If she is in the room with me she whines because its so loud compared to the rest of the game.

I have loved this game so far, but i really need a way to lower that volume. is there a console command i can enter to lower it? all the other volumes are perfect, other than that one.



It sucks, the game volume is a bit low, so I have to turn it up and the horse whistle is really loud. Even my
neighbour asked me about it when he was in his yard. That’s how loud it is.


It’s possible to mute the whistling. You can also change it to a different sound (some work and some don’t).

If you’d prefer it be muted entirely, I can help you fix that. :slight_smile: I’ve been trying to find ways to just lower the volume for it, but I believe in order to do that the audio cue itself would have to be altered inside the FMOD Bank archive.


The Nexus mod of half volume doesn’t seem to work also.


There is a mod to turn it off. Unfortunately there is no way to just decrease the volume with the way the file is made. If you want to do it yourself go here… GameData.pak > Libs > GameAudio > voices.xml and delete this…

ATLTrigger atl_name=“v_horse_whistle”>
FmodEvent fmod_id=“2054” fmod_name=“event:/voice/player/horse_whistle” distance_culling=“20” sustained=“0” sustained_cutscene_audio=“0” sword_mat="-1" sword_mat_opponent="-1" />

Or just go to the nexus and install the mod. Your horse will still show up.


Another possible solution would be only to convert the sound file and lowering it in his volume self, in the file self and then converting it back. i dont know if this FMOD can do this.


The files are located here…

KingdomComeDeliverance\Data\sounds.pak\Sounds\fmod\Build\PC\ and the files are
horse_whistling1_1.wav, horse_whistling1_2.wav, horse_whistling1_3.wav, horse_whistling1_4.wav and horse_whistling1_5.wav

So if you know how to edit the .wav file and rebuild file you can do that. That would be awesome. Let me know if you can


Yes it really is too loud.



My wife hates the horse whistle.


I mute the game every time I use the whistle, to keep it from waking up our toddler. Even turned way down, it’s the only sound in the game that will wake him up. I tried headphones, and nearly blew out an eardrum. Wish I could switch it to a reasonable click-click-click call, or the melody whistle from the beta.




Wife, dog, neighbors, people the next town over, wine glasses cracking, ETC


I mute the sound as well, sometimes I’ll hit the whistle key accidentally. :tired_face:

It’s quite shocking when your not expecting it, especially if the volume already is loud… Funny how the whistle key is right beside the “C” The key for crouching and being “Sneaky” :roll_eyes:

Nothing worse then your about to sneak up on your enemy, and you whistle instead :smile:


talk about nitpicking!



Wait til you get old and get sensitive to high-freq sound.
I promise it is no fun.

My Samsung phone gave me a hearing test…the results are not good, but I still cringe when I hear that "whistle "


I see… The sound design is realistic but I admit it’s too much =] Horse whistle sound will be quieter in some of the next versions, I made the change in sound project. Thanks for your feedback guys.


Jesus Christ be praised!


Lets make this clear, thats not the games fault.


Its OK for me. I like it as it is. Will you add a line in Sound setup to adjust the whistle or we have to submit to the complaints of old farts? :grinning::wink:


Found a way to make it work.
I bought these really great headphones. Now my wife can enjoy her peace, my kids don’t wake late at night from me playing and best of all…
The dogs and the cats are sleeping soundly.

Added bonus:
Wife mumbles something. “What dear, sorry I didn’t hear that.”


you mean in patches?
even in 1.4.3 I still cringe when I hafta call roach.
And yes with old farts ears that had to deal with jet engines.