How are the devs and the game shaping up?


So how are the devs feeling now that the game is almost released, and after 4 years (or even longer, before the kickstarter) of hard work?

And how is the game shaping up in its last month of development? I barely have any ideo what its like. my guess is, even more crunching then ever before?


How are we? Im going to speak for myself. We are tired as **** but hyped about bringing what we created to the players :slight_smile:


Some recent ps4pro footage


Even if it’s PS4, looks fine. Idk like the others, but i’m pleased.


Nice video. Was satisfied to see that this guy’s erratic play style sent henry to his early death. :slight_smile:


Very cool that you can die in the tutorial due to your stupid actions :slight_smile:

Recent? This build is from November :slight_smile:

Is it the recording or the TV but the colors looks too saturated or is it just my imagination?

Very nice litte interessting details (wooden splinters falling on the ground and staying there [but disappearing on-camera :frowning: ], the toolkit depiction…)

The wodden-sword depicition error is there obviously. I hope this will be fixed due to release


Yeah, i was watching the footage and was pleased, i was really interested to watch. I guess, even if the game gonna be like that, i’m gonna play it all day. :ok_hand:


And I am also hyped. :star_struck: I wish you and the studio much luck! :grin::grin::grin:
You deserve it!


What do you mean by that?


Yes it’s oversaturated. You’re not on drugs, I see the same.
I don’t know why it’s like that.


Omg I just watched the Let’s play. This due… :joy:
He kept repeating the same scene over and over again, because he always pressed the keys so fast in the dialogue that he chose the wrong options.
I don’t understand why he was doing that. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


this dude clearly doesnt know english, he’s just guessing what to do most of the time :smiley:


I see. Still stupid to do the same thing three times.


But aren’t those translations at the top of the screen?


Actually that playthrough kinda showed that there are more things to do in the tutorial area then previously known.

There is a combat tutorial, a knight to duel… I doubt anyone can win at this point. But it shows that even in the tutorial area its worth it to explore.

Also funny that the guy tried to pick up kunesh’s axe when kunesh was using it.

And that it is possible to fail the turorial.


I was quite impressed with how it ended, if you get locked up you are going to die in jail during the raid.


This’s when the developers have mind to make logical consequences for your doings in game world. That’s why i liked to play in Arx Fatalis too much and that’s why i would be glad to spent many hundred hours in KC:D. It’s just interesting to replay the game and search everything there. Not many games even today have something like that.

P.S But, tbh, it would be ultra illogical for Henry not to die in prison, when the timing for Cuman’s attack in the same time, when he getting there. + I liked, when you attack the guard he’s not attacking you instantly, he’s giving you a chance to stop it and reconsider your idea of attacking him(And i’ve got and interesting thought about that thing, cus maybe some guards are giving you a chance to stop, but some might not give you that chance :thinking:) . :smiley:


the training is conducted with wooden swords, which is good. However, as there are no scabbards (also no problem) the drawing animation is out of place and the wooden swords are floating in mid-air.

There are two possibilities, as far as I see for now

  • Making sure that the sword model goes visible behind the character models belt
  • Removing the possibility of sheathing for the PC and NPC, they will have to carry those swords until the tutorial ends, so that such a situation does not arise.


Yeah what i meant that in most RPGs today going to jail wouldn’t have changed anything, simply because you did not trigger the raid by talking to the right person.


Yeah, i understand what you meant, but i said in general. Just my thoughts. :smiley: