How do I get out of talmburg honorably?

I’m stuck in talmburg. They expect me to steal armor, but I don’t want to do that. Is there anyway to leave honorably without stealing or bribing or breaking the lords rule? Can’t I coerce them into letting me leave on good terms?

I took the highborn perk. My speech is at 4. I have my charisma at 11. There has to be some way to get out of talmburg without resorting to bribery, thievery or just running away on bad terms.

I’m trying to roleplay as a pious, righteous christian who respects the highborn and the lords.

by leaving the castle, you are already disobeying the lord’s orders so it really doesn’t matter. i got out by using a lockpick on a chest that contained soldier clothes

I don’t want to disobey the lords orders. There must be someway to convince him to let me leave on good terms.

I also had to steal a horse. how do I return the horse to it’s proper owner and apologize then repent to god for my sins?

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Pretty sure there isn’t. I just jumped off the drawbridge and ran. Here’s an accurate representation of what happened -

There is a guy sitting down who can sell you the lockpicks. You can go into the room above the gate and use the lockpick to get the armor. Its an easy pick, and gives you lockpick exp, well worth it. Upstairs is a bow with more arrows. If you wear the armor, the guard at the gate will Let you out if you tell him you are a messenger. Dont forget to get a horse, it should not say steal I2nd one on the right). If you have more room in your inventory -there are more rooms on each side of the castle with equipment. But I would wait until you get some storage to grab that.

So the game forces you to be a dishonorable, anti-christian thief?! WTF? lol

You have to break a few laws in order to be able to survive and protect yourself. You will do a lot of good, but back then, you wont survive if you try to be so nice all the time, this isnt the Sims, this is a realistic medieval game, and if you want to stay a poor peasant you can always do just the good things. but you will get killed a lot if you dont take every opportunity to improve your weapons , armor and supply of food.

christians steal all the time, those two things are’t mutually exclusive. also, it is justifiable depending on the circumstances. once the prologue ends, the game gives you a lot more options to proceed. however i find the “good christian” play method to be boring and oftentimes not clean, not ideal.

Besides, you can always return the items later, but this isnt a game to be a perfect Christian, you can do what is morally good, but to survive and not die all the time, you are going to have to do some immoral things. Henry is not an immoral person, but some of the decisions he will have to make will be. There is no way i have seen yet to repent or prary, maybe the shrines may offer up some way.

guys, there has to be some way to leave talmburg without having to steal, bribe or run away. I have 4 speech, the highborn perk and 11 charisma.

There must be a way.

What the hell? the kitchen woman is sweeping the table. Lord Divish is just sitting there, doing and saying nothing while I talk to lady stephanie about ways of leaving the castle against Lord Divish’s wishes. LOL -

Divish does not want you to leave, thats just eh way it is. He will not give you permission, you have to leave the castle by either jumping off the bridge without getting any armor (bad idea) or get the armor and let the guard let you out (good idea). Without the armor the bandits are going to carve you up. just try and do the best you can to make the right chioices, but dont pass up any opportunitys to make henry more capable. Weapons and armor help. When you get to your Home village, near the balif is a dead guy with a sword. You should take that, you will need it.

Or you could just do the right thing and stay in Talmberg as commanded.

Sir Radzig has asked sir Divish to keep you in Talmberg for your own safety. There is no way that you will persuade him to let you leave with his blessing. If you are determined to leave Talmberg and return to Skalitz then you have three choices. You can steal some armour to disguise yourself as a soldier or you can commit an imprisonable offence and be thrown out of town at the end of your sentence.
Alternatively you can jump off the draw bridge with or without a horse, hopefully without injuring yourself too badly, this would seem to be the least dishonourable means of escape, your only fault being that you have defied Sir Radzig’s orders.

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Is there a way to just stay in talmburg and have it play out?

Kill everyone in their sleep and then run off.

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never tried that. would be funny if there are hidden solutions like that in the game

The only way I can think of is jumping off the draw bridge, or using a lock pick and disguising yourself as a guard.

That ‘dead guy’ is the bailiff.
The sword isn’t as good as Radzig’s Longsword, but you should take it as a valuable and useful item.

Thats what i thought, I read that somewhere, but I only was just doing this quest to return home and bury his parents, I found the Baliff(in the red cloak) . I checked him for loot and he was empty. I thought “Damn - I wont get it”. Then i looked around and found a guy (he was bald with a white shirt) just a little away from him who was holding it. he had it in his loot and he had no name. So maybe its different each time? Or maybe we took it off the baliff and was killed? Weird i guess

There isn’t.
They wrote the game this way. Pick one of the 3 options & deal with it.
If you don’t want to disobey and stick to doing what you are told in the game , hit the quit button.
Life is a series of grey choices which the game reflects; everything isn’t just black or white.
You want Henry to repent? do as many good deeds as the game allows. To play this game you will have to be a little Bad.

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