How do I increase Reputation in MERHOJED?

I’ve already done the Pestilence sidequest and my reputation didn’t increase at all. It’s still stuck at 50. You’d thinking saving the entire village from a plague would boost it way over 80… Is it because I wasn’t the one to create the cure and let the alchemist do it? So now I’m just wondering what other options are there to increase rep? There’s one merchant left in the town, and I don’t think haggling is enough to boost the entire town over 80 for the trophy. I heard you can boost rep for soldiers by killing bandits, but I can’t seem to get them to spawn at all by fast traveling. Are there more quests in Merhojed or what?

How do I increase Reputation in MERHOJED with soldiers? Main line finished.

Try dealing with merchants. Haggle and then give them more money than they originally demand. It helps.


Reputation with villagers is already maxed out. It’s not possible to bring the rep up any further by giving them more money. It’s the rep with the soldiers (which is at 50) that makes it impossible to get a total rep above 75 in Merhojed. And there seems to be absolutely no way to get that up.

I have the same problem in Talmberg. Villagers 100, Soldiers 79, Quarrymen 50; Total 77. And there’s no way to improve it with the soldiers or the quarrymen.

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Managed to get over 80 with Soldiers in Merhojed but it requires some luck, you have to fast travel a lot! and get lucky finding bandits that are in the vicinity of Merhojed which works but in my case I came across a npc that tells you riddles and if you answer correctly you get a huge bonus to soldiers in merhojed. It has to be close by though.


My reputation didn’t raise either after finishing pestilence and curing everyone and several days have passed in the game. It’s pretty annoying to be honest. So there’s nothing that can be done about it?

Since this is my merciful playthrough, I’ll leave Merhojed for last and then I’ll try to raise my reputation with the soldiers fast travelling to kill some bandits or trying to find the riddler near Merhojed.

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You have to fast travel back and forth from Merjored to the Inn in the Glade. What helped me was a random encounter with some guards fighting cumans. When all cumans were dead my rep with soldier passed from 50 to 86. Maybe you can just watch hoping for the guards to do all the work. I spent almost on hour before this encounter appeared. Good luck.

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I had the same issue with that quest at first but then I reloaded and did the quest to absolute perfection doing every objective and making sure Henry was the one to make the potion. Also to note there is another hidden sidequest from one of the sick dudes called Vincent to deliver his will to the priest in sasau. Do all this and was awarded 15 rep for it. Giving me a total of 65 rep in Merhojed. Not sure if it was doing the plague quest to perfection or it was the Vincent quest that got me the rep though.

Well, I saw somewhere some recipes, including the cure, and I created it before starting Pestilence, so I don’t know what would be more “perfect” than having the cure already xD And I did every objective of course. I didn’t know about Vincent and delivering his will. I’ll check it out. This is after Pestilence, right?

About the encounter with the guards, I know that I’ve intervened and knocked 3 or 4 guys out and my reputation did not raise even after a day or more (I don’t remember how much time exactly). I had to load afterwards due to a glitch so I don’t know if it would have raised after more time but I assume that it wouldn’t so I guess that you have to kill them and not just knock them out .

Thanks for the reply :blush:

it’s either a bug or just retarded design. you save the whole village and get zero rep bonus. you kill few bandits in the woods and bam…
also i killed the jealous guy in Sassau cause he’s dick, no one saw me. few hours later they found the body and rep went down from 100 to 63. wtf? so much potential with this game - so many bugs and lazy scripting. jeez.

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It must be an encounter with guards fighting cumans and this event doesn’t stop till all cumans are dead. I had one cuman knock down but the guards waited him to stand up and then they killed him.
Random encounter with a couple of bandits doesn’t count. The reputation also with soldiers increase immediately.

Yes, reputation seems to bug at times or something. I’ve read in other forums that reputation with the villagers should raise to 100 after Pestilence. But for me it just didn’t so I guess it was a bug. At least it would have been nice to know what caused it. I tried reloading and finishing the mission several times but it didn’t work (I didn’t even accept the reward). Now I’ll have to raise reputation by haggling and fast travelling to find the encounter with the guards. I’ll try and find Vincent as ChronoChris suggested when I have the time to play because I’m pretty busy this week :sweat_smile:

It said it was an encounter with guards and that I could intervene or not. But now that you mention it, I’m sure the enemies were cumans but I didn’t see any guards… :sweat:

Cheers :slight_smile:

For me it was like in this video (only during daylight).

I know this topic is pretty old, but I’m just here to back what you guys have said. Reputation with villagers in Merhojed, after completing Pestilence perfectly, doesn’t change for me either and it really breaks the immersion. After reading all of this I’m 99% sure now that it’s a bug. I didn’t deliver man’s will to Sasau yet though, but it’ll have to wait until 1.4 because of Q&A quest bug.

It’s not after Pestilence, it’s during it. He thinks he’s gonna die of the plague so he wants to send his will to the priest or somethin. An it’s an entirely new sidequest listed in the journal. I have a feeling it is that quest that gave me the 15 rep.

Well, that mission didn’t pop for me. I’ll reload a save and see if I can talk to Vincent.

I didn’t check for the guards. I knocked 3-4 cumans out and thought that was it. I’ll look for the guards next time xD

Cheers :slight_smile:

The best I can do so far is raise Villager Rep up to 90. Soldier Rep you can raise to 100 just by traveling between Samopesh and the Inn in the Glade the Main Southern Route south of Merhojed it must be at the defence of Guards fighting Bandits or Cumans. The way I raised the villager rep was to work with the Horse Stable Trader Johann an the Grocery Merchant. I sold potions to the Grocer an gave her the lowest price on barter then bought them back for the highest price on barter in Bulk. Kept doing that to were she had 40k some groshen. I have well over 200k groshen so not an issue. Alchemy is key …Flowers cost you nothing but time to collect…and the Alchemy table the same. Once you can auto brew you can turn that into a huge barter gain at any merchant that deals in food.

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My rep did not increase from the sidequet.

Yes I am late but maybe it will still help you all. I had the same problem and didn’t get the trophy until today when I read your comments and tryed the same. Now my stats are:
Rovna: 0
Ushitz: 81
Pribyslavitz: 50
Monastery: 100
Rattay: 98
Vranik: 0
Neuhof: 96
Sasau: 85
Ledetchko: 86
Talmberg: 84
Skalitz: 100
Merhojed: 75 !!! So maybe you don’t need over 80 anymore!?
Samopesh: 83

@Cendrake Bring Sir Robard of Talmberg ears of bandits that helps a lot. Also during the main quest the quarrymen in Talmberg will raise.

You can also trade arrows with the archery master at the camp just outside the village