How does shield skill level up?

Hi all! I was digging around the skill.xml file and found this hidden shield skill tree with shield combos. I tested with the cheat code and the combos do work. The only problem is that the skill tree never levels up in normal gameplay, even if I successfully combo hit an enemy. Does anyone know how this skill tree might work?

I did some reading about the weapon_class file and found that shields are different from other weapons because they have no attack types and the “is_blocking” parameter is “True”. And block increases the Defense skill so that’s why the Shield skill never levels? Just my speculations. Hope someone can clear this up for me.

Thanks a lot.

Maybe you can take a look of this thread

Thanks for the reply! I’ve read related threads on this topic but they don’t seem to help…
I came up with a workaround though, by linking the defense skill to the shield skill. It’s working but flawed, because blocks with other weapon types also increase the shield skill.
Anyway, thanks for your interest. I might dig around more.

Why should a shield skill up? A shield is an object that remains as it is, when nobody works on its stability. I ask me why something should level up. Are you leveling up in real life? When you get a higher position in your job this could be a “level up”. But there are times where you also get level down or stay on one level for all your life. You won’t get always stronger and better. KCD should not be as a game, it should be as a real life simulator.