How to get access?

Hi, i am a Baron Backer, digital PC copy. Can’t wait to play the game. However, I will never put Steam on my computer because I will not support DRM in any way, as well as the fact that Steam itself is a serious security risk on ones computer.

The game is being offered on (where you can get a non-DRM version that I actually will own - unlike the Steam version) and I have e-mailed the company on how to get access to a version, but I have not received any response. I only see the Steam keys so far.

How will I be able to get a real copy of the game from GOG?



at this moment PC backer copies are for steam only not likely to change either

That would be a major shame. Digital music no longer has DRM because the consumer demanded it. The only way we the consumer will be able to take back ownership of the games we paid for is to stop buying games from DRM sites like Steam.
DRM does not stop piracy in any way (look at any torrent site and you will find any major game you want).
DRM impedes sales! Witcher 3 (offered only without any DRM) proved that with huge sales, and the fact that it was one of the least downloaded games from torrent sites, even though it never had DRM, because even many pirates support them specifically because they are against DRM.
DRM only inconveniences paying customers, and takes rights of ownership away from the paying customer.


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Did the thought ever cross your mind. while deciding to pledge, how the game was going to be destributed? If Steam and DRM are so distasteful to you, did you assure yourself that the final product that you pledged for would not be provided to you in the form of a Steam key or with DRM? Are you suggesting that WH should know each of our preferences in these matters? Are you aware that it is likely that Deep Silver is responsable for the distribution deal with GOG?

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I find it sad too that we cannot choose gog but what do you expect after they kicked mac and linux versions…