How to get the Steam Key?



I am a backer and how can I get my key to the beta version to activate on steam?



on the
under your profile there should be a steam code, but only if you are a kickstarter backer.
If not, there should be a download link for our launcher.

Also I dont see a badge above your nick. @DrFusselpulli do you know what might be a problem?

If I buy the game will I get a Steam Key?

[Uploading…] i dont see it


Hello @crazy8,

thank you for your message. I have taken a look at your profile, and you are a Soldier tier. As a Soldier you don´t have access to the Beta yet, because the Soldier was a cheaper Tier during the Kickstarter campaing. You will get a Steam code later, at the release of the game. :slight_smile:



I am new on the forum and I wasn’t backing the game during the kickstarter launch, but I recently have purchased the game and currently playing Beta version. My question is how to get the game to be played thru steam? Thank you


I send you a PM


Hello! A few days ago I bought a beta version, and let me please Steam key, too, if possible. Best regards!


Well… you have PM too… :sweat_smile:


Thank you!!!))))


Hi, i have beta over client, is there any chance to get steam beta key? Please :blush: I’m gaming mainly over Steam (actually have something about 370 games in my library) and I want to play Kingom Come over steam too :slight_smile:


I also want to run the game in steam, if possible. thanks


Okay… I will see what I can do… please take a look at your Forum PM box… :smile_cat:


Thanks a lot!! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!!!


Ahhh DrFusselpulli you would be my hero if you could do the same for me :grinning:


Yes… this is possible :slight_smile:


Ahhh thank you so much :smile:


Where does the steam key display? I can’t find mine. I bought the Digital Collector’s Edition (PC)


Well, the Beta is distributed via our own Launcher which you will find in your profile on, but I am able to switch a profile from Launcher to Steam manually.
The reason why we use the Launcher in the first place is, that we only have a limited amount of Steam codes for the Beta right now, and we primarily use and need them as an alternative when there are technical problems with the Launcher. We will get new Steam codes for the Final game anyway.
So both, the Launcher and the Steam codes are just a temporary solution for the Beta right now,


I also bought the game but realy wanna play it on steam, and i dont see the download link on my profile