How to get the Steam Key?


Hello, it seems something went wrong with the Payment, but we will take a look at it to see what happened.


Hello, I also just bought the game and I would like to add it to steam too if possible.
When I am trying to download the game through launcher, errors keep popping like every 5 minutes :confused:
DrFusselpulli could you be my hero too? (please) :slight_smile:


You have a PM :slight_smile:


Hello, I bought the game a while ago but the launcher seems to act weird lately. Is there any way I can get a steam key instead? Thanks


@DrFusselpulli Could you change mine to a steam account also, i’d love you forever :3


Yes, allright :smiley:


Dr. You do relise you have started a trend… Valve must be gleaming with joy see how dependant these people are. (Jedi hand) you will do this multiple times more.:joy:


@DrFusselpulli i too would like to use it on steam is possible? =D


I have been a backer since the begining also. i would please like a steam key if possible. thank you. i am in the beta at the moment.


Im new also and have bought the game and wondering how or if i can get a steam code ? Thank you Kingdom Come


Hi, I have bought the game at kickstarter. I have installed the beta via your Launcher. Now I have bought a new PC, and when i wanna Download the Beta again there is always a Error by 79%.

Here is the error message (on german):

“Das angegebene Konto ist bereits vorhanden”

Is it possible to get a Steam code? That would be great.

Thank you for your support!


@lifeundone, I hope it will not stay that way till release, because we don´t have so many steam codes left. But I assume the requests will slow down after a while. At least I can provide good service to happy customers :slight_smile:

@ the other people, please take a look at your private message boxes.



i also just bought the game and would be very glad if you can provide a Steam key because i have all my games in Steam library, Thank you. : )



First of all thanks for the great Game.

Could i also request a Steam Key?

Thanks in advance


As I understand it - when will release, Steam - keys will be others.


I just purchased the game and would like a steam key.


Lol i told you this would happen so do i get a stram key for the prediction?? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


May I please get one too?


May I get a steam key as well please?


I’ve recently come back to kingdom come to retry the beta but my launcher keeps freezing mid download, would it be at all possible if i can see if steam makes a difference at all? Thanks for your time, keep up the great work.