How to get the Steam Key?


Hi DrFusselpulli.

Is it possible that I also might get a steam-code for the game? I would be very grateful.

And thanks for all the hard work!


i bought the Digital Collector’s Edition for maximal support i can do.
Would you please give me a steam-key? ^^


We are a bit occupied right now, I will reply soon :slight_smile:


I know you are quite busy at the moment, a steam key would be a massive help and greatly appreciated. Thank you soo much!


maybe a new video on horizon? :slight_smile: No I don’t want a steam key, only curious what can be doing WH PR right now :smiley:


would u kindly pm me the steam key plz?


Yes, that is true, you will get a steam Key at release anyway :slight_smile:


Please could I get a steam key if you have any remaining?


Hello Guys/Girls,

Been following the progress of this game since kick starter and finally bought the game after seeing it progress and look amazing any chance i could get a steam key too
would be so grateful


Hi, I have the option to download the beta but I can’t see the Steam key.


I have bought it as well, send code plz ty


Sorry to be another person to bombard you! Perchance, might I too procure a Steam key? As this is my main platfrom. Much obliged, ser.


+1 for the downloader freezing all the time!


Hey, I just bought the game and the downloader is freezing for me is it possible to get a steam key?


will the game b on the steam store? and if not if i buy it here at some point will i be able to get a steam code


It will be available on Steam later, possibly at release date they will show it there.


Yes, the game will be on Steam store later, and even you buy it here you will get a Steam key at release.


Ok, well I backed the game today. Unsure as I think I tried to back you long ago, but kickstarter ended. Hence couldn’t buy copies right away. Or perhaps I have a 2nd copy out there but had to wait to use it. Unsure as long ago.

Any case, I bought a package today, so I have two questions. When I load the game, the first time around all is ok. Then I get a black screen of death the second time. Like it wants me to activate my account again after it has been done.

Do I need some type of badge?.

Do you send me code or something?

Secondly do I get a steam key now or do I have to wait? Thanks

Not sue if you will post here or email me.

I guess I need a badge. I did make an account when I bought game. Then had to make a 2nd regaster account to post here. This one has a different password.

No badge though. Is that why I get a black screen?


Hi, someone from warhorse will possibly write you here, but maybe you obtain pm :slight_smile:
Login should be same you registered, so fill it into launcher and it should work.
Maybe DrFusellpuli will send you a steam key, but that depends if he still has few of them.


would you please send me also a steam key? I’m a collectors edition backer.