How to make 'From the Ashes' 10/10 (Spoilers)


You mean to ship in resources? Build a trader.


There are a lot of hints at future updates with added features, like farmland. I’m hoping for armor/weapon displays!


merchant escort … that could be fun. rather than the 3 woodcutters and 3 labourers judgment :roll_eyes:, offer up an option: (a) continue to suffer the losses (tolerate the theft and take a reputation and income hits) or (b) have Henry go out on a merchant escort mission. once you accept the mission, you accompany your merchant’s hands to the one of the resource destination you picked in supplies.


Do you mean the judgement quest where you just pay 500 groschen and all is well again? Making it into a whole mission would have been a little too frustrating, I would have thought.


yes you can buy the dregs. combat should be optional. my take is to create an incentive for Henry to go out in the world and neutralize threats. one way would be to smash the offending camp. another would be to accompany the merchants and deal with ambushing… which btw not a few people complained about after they were disabled due to a faulty patch


So I finished the DLC. It is better than people write about it in their reviews. Despite few bugs which do not cause crash, it is very decent addition.


I totally agree. It’s new and different, very satisfying to be able to rebuild the village, and it integrates well with the rest of the game. I’m perfectly satisfied.


loving it in my hardcore playthrough. in my first playthrough, i had little motive to travel north of Talmberg. add some tweaks and additional content and this DLC will truly be sublime.


I totally agree with you, another addition that they could do to fix it is to make your own house, interior decorations and everything.


Love the DLC but i have only the church to rebuild, i choosed baker, and stable option, but it would be nice to be able to destruct and rebuild a building or better, not to have to choice and be able to build them all
if foud it was a great idea to rebuild this village
I hope warhouse studio wiil update this DLC with more features, love the idea of building my village :slight_smile:


Agree. That and expand

Btw, did you check out the map of Pribyslavitz? There are bears on it!! And canids (wolves?)! If only it were true


Game is already a 10/10. £7.99 for so much.


and not given


For less than 8 quid what do you expect?
Some devs charge 8 quid for two new costumes in game.


It is good price, especially when this is the only game they’re offering.


still woulda like ALL buildings and an office with a bunk and a chest and a door.


I would totally love some quest(s) related to bandit assaults. Like managing a defence and maybe a counterattack etc. Would be a simple addition i think and much fun…


Unpopular opinion, but I like the decision making with buildings. I do wish there were more options, though. I’m 99.9% positive we’ll see future updates with more content. They hinted at future expansions no less than three times


would’ve paid more if those were already in in a better DLC.


This one really annoyed me. I don’t want to take the dregs, and I also don’t want to take from the workers.

I have plenty of cash so should be able to go and pay over the odds for some other town’s grain, and they can deal with the consequences. Or at least let me try, and don’t force me to choose on the spot between crap grain and stealing from my own town folk!