How to make 'From the Ashes' 10/10 (Spoilers)


I loaded ‘From the Ashes’ into an existing game, so I had a giant pile of coin to spend in getting it completed. I have built and improved everything I am allowed to improve at the moment. I think I am done, but if there is more to come, they did a good job of hiding it. There is a lot of in game talk on a second phase to building and I only spent about 100K of the advertised 250K.

So I will give my thoughts on each building I made and town feature and how it could be better. Right now I would only give this DLC 6/10. It is OK, but there is a huge amount of missing potential, most of it easy to implement, so I am really confused as to why they didnt just do it. I think this DLC could easily be a 10/10.

Judgements: Almost every game day a quest marker will appear in the middle of the town allowing Henry to act as Bailiff and pass judgement. I have so far done about 10 of these, there could be more. They are OK, but my issue is that I don’t know or care about any of these people. The people involved seem to be conjured up just for the purpose of the scripted dialogue and you never see them again. There is no opportunity for Henry to set any kind of town policies or have meaningfull interaction with the people who live there. One of them informed me of a bandit attack on a shipment of goods, but I didnt even get a quest to go find the bandits. It was all just dialogue. Suggestion: Make these judgements about people I know, give me quests in the surrounding areas, allow me to set policy for the village that actually matters.

The People: The vast majority of the people you meet, the ones who should be obvious recruits, cant be recruited. Rattay is still full of Skalitz refugees. The unnamed refugees who leave their tent city in Rattay, now just live in another tent city outside of Priv. They never get permanent jobs or homes. There is no option to employ Ftitz and Mathew, my best friends and unemployed carpenters, in the rebuilding of a town?!!! (maybe I missed it because I am too far into the game). Suggestion: Replace all of the random ‘nobodies’ with the named refugees who are living in Rattay, let me pick jobs for them.

The Church: This building needs a few more upgrades. The outer wall is still crumbling, the courtyard is overgrown with waist high weeds, the bell tower is still a temporary shoddy, wooden structure, no exterior whitewashing, no donation box. It just does not look impressive and newly rebuilt at all. Nobody in the town visits it. You cant interact with the ‘nobody’ priest (who gets his own house).

The Rathouse: This also needs a few more upgrades. In its ‘extended’ state, Henry gets to share a room with three other people. The rest of the building is pointless and unused. He has a small bed in the corner. Fully upgraded with should look like a small stone keep. Henry should get his own room on the top floor with a nice bed, armor stands, book shelves, decorations, and a balcony overlooking the town. The building should also include a jail and a scribe (who sells books, possibly even offering unique perks) like every other rathause in the game.

The Trader: I like this building and its cosmetic upgrades when you get the stone, grain, etc. His inventory, however, is very lacking. He should at least sell lockpicks and act as a fence. This building could use several quests involving extending the ‘Miller’ network.

The Tavern: The brewery is awesome. I like the custom brew and its unique perk. I also like the location and layout. The dice games seem to have the same limit. There should be an option to talk to the inkeeper to organize high stakes tournaments with the dice.

Barracks vs Stables: I chose the Barracks. The arena options are good. (You get to select weapon, opponent skill level, and their armor) An option for multiple opponents would be nice. I wish the arena master offered training. You are also fighting in what looks like a pig den. Small and full of mud. The barracks building consists of a mess hall, a storage room, and a personal room for ONE guard. No bunks. Why does ONE guard get a personal room when Henry does not? Why can’t I build Stables? There are pointless filler buildings such as the ones across from the Rathouse, there are also huge open spaces all over the town that are unused!

Armorsmith vs. Weaponsmith: I chose Armor. The smith has a nice selection of armor (including horse head armor, but still no horse body armor) and you get a custom shield with a boar crest. (The same boar as the Ale). Again another pointless ‘choice’. There is a huge empty area along the north side of the creek where several more buildings could be put. Let us build both! Armorsmith has no grindstone and strangely no forge. Henry should have unlimited use of the facility to repair his armor and weapons for free. Henry should be able to commission a custom armor set.

Baker vs. Butcher: I chose Butcher. I took this choice because I wanted a place to sell meat that I hunted. You can smoke meat here. Another pointless ‘choice’. There is a load of room in the town for the Baker too.

Missing buildings: A bathhouse, A miller, A herbalist, A tailor, A cobbler. I dont know that all of these buildings need to be crammed into Priv. , but the services they offer need to be incorporated into the other merchants.

Missing upgrades: The town could use dozens of other cosmetic upgrades. Boar head banners, benches, cobblestone streets, outer walls, shacks houses for the refugees, a levy by the woodcutters cant that turns the lower stream into a fishing pond, flower beds, town events, town quests, boar head waffenrocks for the guards, a small silver mine.

Overall: The DLC seems half done in content. There is huge potential here and it seems like they went 96% of the way there and stopped short. Many of my suggestions would be easy to implement. In its current ‘finished’ state, I really have no reason to even visit Priv. anymore. The inn in Sassau is superior in every way. Private room, better location, better access to things I need.


yup, there NEEDS to be. :nerd_face::disappointed_relieved:


Generally agree with all you said. My take (much a repost) fwiw:

Some things that are annoying:
-design of enhanced Rathaus - doesn’t retain the bailiff features of other villages (desk, bookcase to store your books, reception area, more privacy in sleeping quarters; having a cooking station in the entrance foyer is poor design… as is, with cooking nearby, the ledger looks like a leather bound cookbook :man_facepalming:)
-can’t bring many named Skalitz refugees (Theresa, Antonia, Alex, Beran, etc); the Rattay bailiff’s announcement rings hollow
-forced choice especially of stable vs guardhouse. doesn’t make any sense because both are needed due to the remote nature of Pribyslavitz (guards for reliable protection; stables for reliable transportation of goods)

Some enhancements wish WH would add:
-add quartermaster or capt of guard (if doesn’t already exist) to manage armory and guard equipment; enable option of Henry provisioning armory and selecting/influencing guard equipment
-add (unique) names to guards
-add some bandit/Cuman attacks (not the disembodied ones told to you by Locator, but actionable ones that you can participate in and if you don’t do a good job can cause building damage that requires repair from treasury and reputation damage (damage animation doesn’t even necessarily have to exist)
-complete palisade wall and gates around hamlet, and put standing watch on foot bridge; this was an infiltration point for Henry so beyond foolish that as bailiff Henry would leave this unattended
-more interaction (dialog options) with your townfolk beyond ‘about Pribyslavitz’ and judgments
-herbal apprentice (if one not already enabled)
-ability to commission customized (decorated) armor/weapon
-ability to add # of gold/silver goblets (etc) from inventory to display (on table, shelf, whatever) in enhanced Rathaus
-ability to add pelt(s) from inventory to designated locations in enhanced Rathaus
-Theresa is a miller’s daughter and niece (knows how stuff gets done). Got to imagine a role for her as an aid in the Rathaus (even if unofficial to be within sensibilities of the time)
-bailiff to bailiff interactions - enable more collaboration or rivalry; seem a little too stiff or empty in content once Henry is officially done with Supplies; Henry visiting other bailiff’s office should be considered as being in a ‘private area’
-change ‘a few days later’ in construction cutscene to ‘some days later’; there’s no way some of those structures are done in a few days
-add holy water font, indulgences chest, and meaningful interaction with unnamed priest; let’s see him give a mass or talk more with his parishioners
-improve the wooden bell tower finish on the church [btw, shouldn’t there be a town crier/warning bell separate from church bell]
-add more sleeping places (shift some out of Rathaus: make annex, expand inn, add tents within inside halmet, etc)
-consider morphing Locator on-site construction dialog (simplify; "I’m on it’ or something such as that; the rinse-repeat dialog prior to constructing the last couple buildings started to grind; had an urge to call him Preston)
-enable (part time) tailor [just give a table, enable role as mender; in a stretch, enable commissioning of clothing (alt color patters)]

Some praise for Prokop et al:
-much appreciated past relationship connection with recruitment of special NPCs (very Fallout New Vegas-ish)
-well thought out town lay out
-well thought out interconnections between investments
-good number of options for resolving resourcing needs (Supplies quest); requires thought if you want to do a good job as bailiff
-addition of names to NPCs
-nice inventory among vendors
-combat options are the dog’s bollocks
-old tree and the judgment platform - cool vibe and nice mechanic
-well employed use of Locator (best possible implementation of Fallout 4 Rise of the Commonwealth mod equivalent)

Ashes aka the home DLC

I don’t know about you, but the vast majority of the judgements I’ve done involved people I’ve met. (I’ve done about 15 now). And Fritz and Matthew do work and even generate a small profit now that I’ve handled them.


-complete palisade wall and gates around hamlet, and put standing watch on foot bridge; this was an infiltration point for Henry so beyond foolish that as bailiff Henry would leave this unattended

This. This right here is probably the biggest thing that should’ve made it into the DLC if nothing else (though I agree with all your points.) Prizbyslavitz is in the middle of a forest, rife with banditry, with no defenses. A palisade, even a crappy wooden one, would be a MASSIVE first thing that should’ve been required before building anything else (with the exception of the bridge) It would also make sense if you have a palisade that it’ll take up a lot of land, then being restricted what you can build or not build as the palisade blocks off alot of vacant land. Right now being restricted makes no sense game-wise when we have a good amount of space for it all.


ehem… Vranik anyone


That actually occurred to me earlier today; why Prizbyslavitz and not Vranik? Irregardless both need palisades, but Vranik already had a good outer defense that Prizbyslavitz sorely lacks in the DLC. So was Vranik never rebuilt or was it too close to Sassau to be viable as a town?


I wonder why not rebuild Talmberg first after the siege? This town is much more important to Sir Divish.


Veranik was mentioned as an old fort. So I’m thinking not suitable as a town…too bumpy and cliff near by. More of a strategic location than commercial.


I think you people are getting an unrealistic image of medieval Bohemia. The game vastly exaggerates the dangers. It wasn’t filled with bandits (or even Cumans) - imagine these as singular events and not actually something that happens every time you leave your bed in the morning - I realise that would have made a very dull game, which is why they’re there. Bohemia has pretty much made a career of not being at war (look at good king Wenceslas I), so building fortifications around every tiny village of 50 heads would be an overkill.


Big picture, sure. On heels of provincial sacking and ongoing banditry, not so sure

If you walk around Pribyslavitz, you’ll find that there are only a couple small stretches of palisade walls needed beyond what exists after you built the structures


I had conversation with couple fighting over attempt to kill. They were in my new shop before that, so they are there.


I thought the same, but when I started the DLC on my end-game save, I saw that Talmberg was completely restored


My Talmberg is also restored.


The description of the extended rathause says it is large enough for further expansions to include a comfortable residence for the Baliff.

So if this cut content? Does this stuff kick in as part of the ‘Phase 2’ that Divish talks about after about 30 in game days? Is there going to be a ‘From the Ashes 2.0’ DLC?


I like to imagine that bandits and Cumans would periodically raid the town. Guards had to be hired, trained and equipped. Fortifications had to be built and maintained. How many guards/archers you had and how much you built in terms of walls and towers all went into the town budget. This would create an ongoing, fun and interesting mini game to keep the town safe instead of just build and forget.


I sure hope so!!! IT IS NEEDED


How to make it 10/10?
Add rebuilding of Skalitz except for castle and Rovná church of Saint James the Greater, then I would be very satisfied and they don’t even need to drop price during sales as it would truly describe its value by offering a lot of content.
Since developers were considering other options, it shouldn’t be unrealistic wish. They try to only stick with realism and historical accuracy, however Skalitz is inhabited nowadays so it makes sense to inhabit it at least inside DLC even if let’s say it was burnt down again during another raid which may be happening as a quest: Defend the village against bandits, if you fail, you lose the village.
Player can travel between villages as he will not know which of three will be attacked and plagued by biggest enemy army, sort of random encounter.


I love the new dlc, but my only question is, where in the hell do you find a wagoner?


All very well made points. A lot more could have been done indeed.
I have the impression this is all stuff that they already had programmed and now found the opportunity to make use of.
Yeah, why are the Skalitz refugees all still in Rattay.
Why is Rovna still burning and why is Father Simon still just standing in front of the house next to st. James?
Lot’s of annoying stuff in this game overall.
Oh well.