How to make 'From the Ashes' 10/10 (Spoilers)


depending on where you are in the playthrough. at a minimum, you’ve saved Capon’s bacon. you’ve solved probably the crime of the decade. and, you’ve facilitated a preemptive strike against an enemy dead set on your destruction… yeah, why in the heck am i getting the dregs?


I can barely count three guards in whole village when I started killing. Guardhouse is supposed to add 15 population which is more likely effective against raiders. In that case I would very welcome some random encounter. When I set fast travel from beehives I got ambushed, I was surprised so close to Pribyslavitz, it turned out it is the captive Cuman who is not even supposed to be there.


welp, guess i will not buy then, goddamit! fucking goddamit warhorse!


There are way more than three guards. I haven’t been counting, but I’ve seen at least 7-8 —probably more


With Guardhouse? Cause I don’t have that.


Aha. I found some useful explanation why we don’t have option to build fortifications or walls around Pribyslavitz. Still true to facts.
Warhorse Studios
“You were not allowed to build a wall like this without approval in the HRE, doing it without a licence (called Befestigungsrecht) might be seen as a rebellion against your feudal lord or the king. Getting this licence while the king (Wenceslaus) is imprisoned might be difficult.”


I found some useful explanation why we don’t have option to build fortifications or walls around Pribyslavitz. Still true to facts.

That wall is made of stone. I’d like to know if this applies to palisades? Cause I don’t think Sir Divish would have a problem with a palisade full well knowing Prizbyslavitz is in the middle of a forest and has already been taken over before.

I mean if we look at it from Sir Divish’s PoV, his village was destroyed by his enemy (Havel Medek) then taken over by bandits and Cumans under King Sigismund. Also, Prizbyslavitz already has a moat and various (ruined) palisades scattered around the village area. Granted, some may be from the bandits themselves, but I’d put money on Sir Divish not having a problem with Henry ordering the building of palisades. After all, this is a BRAND NEW building project rife with loot. Sir Divish would be insane not to sign off on at least some defenses beyond guards.


That clarifies why not a stone wall but does it address a palisade wall?


But I am quite certain that small villages or even minor lords would not give a damn about the license from the HRE. Especially when the entire province is overrun with Cubans, Bandits and armies that plunder and burn as they wish.

So a palisade should definitely be ok to build, even a stone wall as long as it is more a stone palisade than a town wall like the one in Rattay. The license of building fortifications in the HRE was in fact aimed at preventing potentially rebellious lords from building castles and forts.


Hey there all said i agree.

My missing are some ‘real’ Quest for the Content f.e.:

1.) I rebuild the Church n’ the ‘complete’ villiage and there is no Party? I would like a Quest ‘Kirchweihfest’f.e…
Make a big Party for the Villigers with games n Eating (could Count with your decision for Stable/GuardHouse & Bakery/Butcher). If you want to join you gain some People/Reputation for your villiage if not ( I mean you are Upperclass now) you can enjoy the Show with Radzig n’ Diwisch and thy spend some Stuff (Window or Statue) for your Church as a Thank You.

2.)If I got the Guardhouse I can take my own men to the fights of Talmberg n’ Wranik.

I must pay for them and the Equip n’ could be that some Cumans attack my People after I let them Defenseless for this time. So I can Chose f.e. Diwwish Honor me for my People (some stuff for the Church or the Rathaus) or my People Honor my for not letting them down.

Thx n’ sry for my bad English


try using Google translate. Type what you want in yours let it translate then copy/paste into a post. Would come out better with less mistakes. I use it to help non-English speakers get their point accross


But the whole point is that Bohemia WASN’T overrun by Cumans, bandits or plundering armies. Things were pretty safe in Bohemia until the German occupation (Hitler) and even then things were okay for those who weren’t Jews as long as they held their heads down. As European history goes, you couldn’t find safer or more boring anywhere else. The game needs to exaggerate certain aspects to make it appealing to players. Even if WHS did the Hussite wars in a later game, they would still need to exaggerate a very small number of isolated incidents unless they wanted to make a game about baking (Protestant ordination certificates into bread), hiding Protestant Bibles behind loose bricks, pretending to be good Catholics (i.e. sitting through two masses every Sunday) and secretly teaching kids of both genders to read. It would be a fun quest, but even the most history-savvy players probably want to stab something every now and then, which is why there are so many bandits in KCD.


I have been looking for historical precedent for not allowing barracks and stables in the same village. It does fit with the rest of the game because the only other stables in the game are off in the middle of nowhere and unguarded. A quick internet search pulled up that the games ‘total war’ and ‘world of warcraft’ also do not allow it. I could not find any real world examples of horses and guards not getting along.

In the aftermath of the Butcher vs Baker war of 1732, tensions were very high between the two groups, so I can totally see why they dont allow that.


does NPC gold increase over time like the other merchants? Say I build a butcher and hunt like you, will it be worth it over time or will they always have shit for Groschen on them?


This is interesting, where can I find more info?
Is it in the game?

But KCD is way before that.


You are of course correct about the real historical Bohemia. But as you said, the game would be horribly boring if 100% historically correct. I do not see why allowing Henry to build a wall would break realism more than anything else that is not strictly historical in this game. So I agree that gameplay and fun needs to be more important than 100% realism and historical correctness.

There are thousands of things that are not historically correct in this game and many more that are not realistic, still it is one of the best games I have ever played in my 36 years on this planet. I would love the ability to build a castle and what not, even if no Henry of Skalitz did that in our real world.


It seems that way, but it isn’t. Very complicated. There were aliens and time travel involved. Long story made short, due to intergalactic treaty it is forbidden to build both a butcher and a baker in the same town, but only if that town is named Pribyslavitz.


well if you build butcher and a baker then youll need to build a candle stick maker, we definitely don’t have room for all 3


Lol! You are my hero, a good laugh prolongs ones life :slight_smile: Thank you!


the whole of Bohemia wasn’t. not even during the Sigismund-led raiding. certain supporters/nobles were picked on … some more than others. Divish is cursed in this regard. So, adding more vexations to Divish’s world isn’t breaking the game narrative and it isn’t taking indecent liberties with history.

That’s not my limited understanding of the Bohemian Revolt and the Thirty Years War.